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T32 Nerf... straight from Overlord.

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maceface #161 Posted Apr 21 2011 - 06:44


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If they nerf any more of the american tanks I'm never using american tanks again because they will constantly be nerfed.

LoooSeR78V #162 Posted Apr 21 2011 - 16:52


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If IS-4 get nerfed, it will be an insignifiant change, like 10hp less, or 1km/h less or something like that.

And oh, devs stated that this balance could be changed, so finally IS-4 will get a buff.
http://forum.worldof...page__st__580   Post #600:

Q:And similar retaliatory measures for IS-4 aren't planned?
A (Slava_Makarov):For IS-4 more severe [measures] are planned.

About T32 - we will wait end of 6.4. test... They alredy made 6.4.test1 and 6.4.test2 patches... test3 on the way? ;)

LuckyStrikes1944 #163 Posted Apr 22 2011 - 06:37


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View Post141Haruna, on Apr 01 2011 - 01:39, said:

Dude, you just don't get it.  Russian tanks are the best tanks ever made.  Russian tanks are so powerful that many countries still use the 40 year old models simply because a 40 year old Russian tank can easily outfight an Abrams.  Using Russian tanks guarantees your country's victory in war.  The only time a Russian tank will lose a fight is when the enemy attacks from the sky like the cowards they are.  Russian technology is so great that the Russians singlehandedly ended World War II.  The Japanese were so scared of having to fight the Russians that they surrendered just 6 days after Russia declared war.  They would have surrendered instantly, but the surrender documents got lost somewhere in Nagasaki.  They had to write up another copy, and that took 6 days because the calligraphers were so scared of being at war with Russia that their hands wouldn't stop shaking.  The Russian tanks are completely historically accurate in this game.  It is the information you got from your lying government that is inaccurate.  They've lied to you about Russia for 60 years because if you knew the truth about how powerful Russia really is you'd hide under your bed, wetting your pants in fear.

Haha, that was the funniest post I've read on this forum so far. QFT

SFC_Storm #164 Posted Apr 26 2011 - 00:43


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He is not even close to being objective.

The T54 is a T10 in a T9`s body, who gives a rats ass about 10% longer track time when the Armor cant be Pinned once its tracked? Also its so damned hard to hit it goin 50ish kmph and is as tall as a Leo.

Now they gonna kill the last few good american Heavies?

WTF is he thinking....I think he is just lazy and doesnt want to make 2 versions between Rus and US and while RUS is there biggest market now it could be Dwarfed by the US game market if they actually made US tree worth it.

Overlord you are blowing it bigtime.

Mow_Mow #165 Posted Apr 26 2011 - 16:47


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What's quite annoying about the T32 is that the moment tier 8+ tanks see you they start loading gold rounds and penetrate your turret like butter, and in the case of Soviet tanks their angles protect their turret from your gold rounds if you used them =\

publord #166 Posted Apr 27 2011 - 06:11

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nerfing three tiers of heavies at once just to get at a single tank, well there's a interesting method of balancing.

All the 105 really had going for it was DPM. When that goes it will still be good for tier 7, sub-par for tier 8 and downright terrible for tier 9.

Instead of the lazy way out, they could have tidied up the tree and added two 105mm research options, one gun for the T29 with the gimped stats we're getting, and another for the T32 with increased accuracy and rof.

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