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making the x2 Xp selectable

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VenomhawkBC #1 Posted Jan 15 2014 - 22:40


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I am curious for some feedback on an idea I had.  How do you think it would affect the game if that x2 XP we get for the first win was changed so that you still only get it once per day per tank, but you got to chose which battle you used it on? I am sure we have all had those times where that x2 gets "wasted" on a match that for whatever reason you didn't do that great in but then in the next battle you did great. I don't know how possible it would be to implement, but I think it could be an interesting change.

101steagle #2 Posted Jan 15 2014 - 22:41


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Yes please, that way when a play one of my many tier seven mediums and land a tier 9 game, I won't lose my precious x2. Medium tankers know what I'm talking about.... playing the comet or vk3002DB in a tier 9 game, and get 900xp with the double.

noruzenchi86 #3 Posted Jan 15 2014 - 23:17


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oh this would be nice, encouraging players to do their very best on xp so they get the biggest bonus

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