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please cut down on the lag issues

in game lag / packet loss

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Jethr0 #1 Posted Jan 17 2014 - 20:47


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Im sure by now (2 years) many have noticed the constant lag problems that are continually posted. Do the GMs of this game actually think that sending in-game constant messages (paragraphs like Catch Pico & Yoott today as they stream World of Tanks on Wargaming Live! at 2pm PST on twitch.tv/wargaming. Join us in chat for a chance to win prizes!) really help the situation.  What, 48 daily repeated posts (SPAM) to an estimated 25k players  equals about a million useless packets that clutter the game play. Is there no other way to relay events once instead of this garbage that pops up ever other game ?  Yes each time game is updated there are a few glitches so why compound the problems ? Try posting once per player daily a max  do not penalize  everyone with spam .

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Ka_BLEWee #2 Posted Jan 17 2014 - 21:20

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The problem is the providers Telia.net and Level3.net.  On the west, the problem is almost always in the LA area.  I live 50 miles southeast of San Jose and for some reason, I get routed to LA before I get routed back up to San Jose. In the evening the LA becomes a problem.  in any case, Telia and Level3 are Wargaming's Internet providers, so they should be consistently beating the providers with a stick until they correct the issue.


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