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Stat "bullying"


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Ich_bin_Hass #161 Posted Nov 10 2018 - 09:29

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View PostSilkySmooth, on Jan 24 2014 - 10:20, said:


You are not bullied because of your stats. No one cares unless you preform poorly. Your stats just reference why you are playing poorly. 


I have called many out with good stats.  


As have I. Some of the absolute WORST team players, are the so called GUUD unicums. Who so graciously beat their chests to proclaim their GREATNESS ! These very same players who will kill steal and team damage mates because that player got to there favorite firing position ahead of them.

Iron_Soul_Stealer #162 Posted Today, 12:19 AM


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View Post_Gungrave_, on Dec 31 2016 - 21:00, said:


Tbh I'd like to know why you necro'ed an 8 month old thread that was dead :sceptic:


Once again...

This thread was almost 3 years old before someone else posted in it. It wasn't me. You can even check.


However, that being said, I still wouldn't classify that as 'necroing' for the following reasons:


-This topic is still extremely relevant to this day

-Ask yourself, is this problem still an unresolved and ongoing issue within our community..? YES..obviously.




By the way, what happened to your profile, gungrave..? ...:amazed:

I tried to click on your username, but you seemed to have 'disappeared'..? And why is your name 'grayed out'..?


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