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Stat "bullying"


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Iron_Soul_Stealer #181 Posted Sep 08 2019 - 04:02


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View PostCrazy_Russian_Tanker_42, on May 29 2019 - 13:40, said:

The most important step to over coming this is do not get mad and trash talk them back. Cause if you don't, they can't claim that you verbally harassed them. The next time someone stat bullies you again, just reply back to them with something like, "What gain is there for you by talking like that?" and see what they say. If they continue, say some along the lines of, "Have you ever taken lessons that imply courteous behavior?" And if they are a stubborn idiotic person who doesn't know how to even function without slamming someone into the ground verbally, say "You know, there is this really interesting and handy button called 'Blacklist'. I'm just going to press it now, so goodbye!!" and blacklist them immediately.


Also once your win rate gets to 50.00% or higher, you will literally earn an invisible title that makes practically everyone respect you more. Sure, there will be a couple of salty idiots who will sneak in, but the amount of such encounters will plummet drastically.


I too experienced times like this and know exactly what you feel, so just know that you have a large amount of players that can and will support you.


^..Yep, I love using the blacklist. Mine just keeps getting longer every day.


Copacetic #182 Posted Sep 08 2019 - 17:12


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stop rezzing these old threads, morons

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dunniteowl #183 Posted Sep 08 2019 - 17:53


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This is Iron_Soul_Stealer's "modus operandi."  He is gone for months at a time, then shows up and NECROS at least five or six threads, makes a few inane comments defending said numbskullish practice, then disappears again to repeat the same behavior later.



I only post this here to WARN all others of this person's tendencies and to avoid responding IF YOU SEE HIS HANDLE UNTIL YOU CHECK HOW OLD THE THREAD IS.  I think he does this on purpose and gets a bit of a 'rush' from it.  Please don't feed this particular troll who specializes in Thread Necro Stupidity.



My work here is complete.




StaticWednesday #184 Posted Sep 09 2019 - 00:29


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