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Team-kill autosystem

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Obsoleted, please refer to

1.1 General Tracing Approaches

  The record of different actions, which affect the update of ratings and statuses is based, take place during the battle.

The account may have one of the following statuses:

1.Clear (not a teamkiller)
2.Under suspicion

  A player possesses local and global statuses “Clear” on default and the respective ratings equal zero. Statuses depend on the changes of the respective ratings. The update of ratings is underway both during the battle and after it.

  Teamdamage and teamkills (as extreme cases of teamdamage) are used for defining the degree of suspicion. Some cases of teamdamage and teamkills should be considered separately.

If the account has been identified as a teamkiller and has received a ban for it, its global status is reset to “Under suspicion” after the ban is over. The global rating is also set to the indicator equal to the first extreme valuation of teamkilling (see Extreme valuations and factors for teamkilling).

1.1.1 Special cases of teamdamage/teamkills Non-teamdamage

The following cases are NOT teamdamage:

• Self-destruction
• Damaging the player whose local status equals “Teamkiller”. They can be destroyed with no further punishment. (ATTENTION! Only a player with special signs (described in the paragraph 2.1.1) is counted as a 'TeamKiller'
• Damaging the player of one’s own platoon/Tank Company. Though formally the player is part of a team, they can deal with the problems of the platoon/Tank Company on their own.
• Damaging the player in the training room.

1.2 The Degree of Responsibility

The following indicators increase the degree of responsibility:

• On one’s own base: damaging the player who happened to be on the team’s base
• On enemy’s base: damaging the player who happened to be on the enemy’s base

*The degree of responsibility increases seriously in case of relapse.

1.3 Penalties and Contribution

  Regardless of the status (local or global) the player who has done a teamdamage or a teamkill should be fined and pay with experience and credits after the battle. Apart from that the teamkiller pays contribution to the player who was killed for teamkills (not teamdamage).

For calculation the following rules are applied:

1. Experience and credits are counted for any teamdamage as for a rival team player. They will be doubled and taken away from the overall quantity of experience and credits the player gained in this battle. Further on in this instruction the amount of such extractions is called “penalty”.  
2. 50% of credits that are taken away for a teamkill (not a teamdamage) are enrolled to the victim’s account after deduction of standard commission for transaction between the players. These payments (contributions) are carried out from the amount that has been enrolled to the teamkiller’s account after the battle. If the amount enrolled in not sufficient to cover all the pay-outs to the victims, all the credits received are given out to the victims and are divided proportionally as in case if full pay-outs were possible.  

The payment for the battle cannot be negative.

The calculation after the battle looks like this:

1. Bonuses for the battle are taken away (teamdamage excluded)
2. The amounts of contribution are taken away from the amount received
3. Penalty for teamdamage is taken away from the remaining sum
4. The rest is given to the player as bonus for the battle

2. Displaying in in-game interface
2.1.1 Battle interface

  Having received the local status of “teamkiller” in a battle, the player has to immediately get visual identification of the status in in-game interface for the team-mates (his appearance does not change for rivals).
His nick either has to appear in blue in the “ears” or a special blue sign has to appear next to it (or him).
Instead of a traditional green sign above the tank the same blue sign has to appear.

   2.1.2 Battle statistics (during and after the battle)

In the tournament final table the nickname of a player with teamkills will appear in blue.
The players who have been killed by him will appear in a different colour.

   2.1.3 Displaying in player’s hangar and profile

The global status of the account has to appear everywhere in the profile of the player where it can be checked: in a hangar and in the web. However it should be seen by a player only – this is his private information.

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