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Help me please!

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Lukezilla1234 #1 Posted Jan 31 2014 - 19:55


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Hi.  I am a relatively new player to the game.  Some of my friends and I will platoon every once and a while.  The 2 i platoon with have 47 and 46.5 % wr.  However, in every other comparable stat, I beat them both by quite a bit.  Is there an explanation for this?  I have watched Bohemian Eagle and Quickybaby and Circon, so I understand how the game works.  There's just one thing I'm not getting.  Any help would be appreciated.

Darties #2 Posted Jan 31 2014 - 20:01


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You're better than them.

JDF #3 Posted Jan 31 2014 - 20:02


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Winrate alone doesn't say much. Only the percentage of battles you have won. It doesn't say how you performed in the battles.


You can play very well in a game, do a lot of damage, kill many tanks, spot many, cap or defence and so on but still lose the battle. The losing effects your w/r where the other items effect your efficiency, wn7/8 and so on.

dhb457 #4 Posted Jan 31 2014 - 20:02

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Your win rate may have taken a bit of a beating as you learned to play the game, or during any stock tank grinds you have done. Also, while most say luck has nothing to do with win rate, mm can give you some very difficult to carry teams that just crumple in the match. Your personal stats may be better,  but they may have had better teams to work with so far. Also win rate tends to even out to your true level over time, early players' rates may not yet be really true to where they have grown to.  Give it some time, if your personal stats keep going up, your win rate will climb also.

TheReverseKill #5 Posted Jan 31 2014 - 20:04

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as you get better at the game, your skill will in crease, and when you get to the more OP better tanks, your ability to carry will improve, allowing you to win more games

Emothic #6 Posted Jan 31 2014 - 20:06


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Win rate is not an accurate way to rate someone's skill.

Bring_The_Rain #7 Posted Jan 31 2014 - 20:50

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Learning the game mechanics is one thing but you must learn game dynamics.


The dynamics of how the game works is different from mechanics. The way players play and the way maps work are different. The dynamics of a tank change and player behavior is a factor that you can't figure out. The only way to become better is to play and learn from each game.

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