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Thought process during/30 secs after countdown – good/great players please respond

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Das_Panzerlied #1 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:34


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In my desire to get better, I am focusing more on the beginning of the battle and the first 30 seconds/minute after the battle starts. There are many guides and shared philosophies about how and what to do during a battle. However, I can’t recall a discussion about what a player should be looking at or thinking about during the countdown and then immediately after the battle starts.


During the countdown do you think, “If lemming train goes here, I will go there”? “There are 4 arty on opposite side, I will go here instead of there” (as opposed to where you would go if fewer or no arty)? That type of thing.


Also, most decent players can tell 30 seconds into a game whether the potential for a loss is high. So, what do you do when that “OH SNAP!” thought hits 30 seconds in because of bad decisions by teammates? Do you just do “your thing” or do you compensate and try to salvage the situation?


Good/great players please be thorough in your response. I know a lot depends on each situation, but in general… do you do something different when solo as opposed to platooned? Do you put out a chat response that X flank needs more help? Do you go to a different spot than originally planned to take advantage of teammate’s bad decisions? Etc, etc.

12noon #2 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:35

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Sit at spawn,, watch all the Lemmings run to East side of map,,,


1 tank goes west ,,,,,


Hide behind bush at Spawn watch Lemmings Die in less then 3 minutes,,,,,,,,,,

1SLUGGO1 #3 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:38


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"shoulda grabbed another beer first, this one is empty"





*edit: why the negs?  You actually think there are some super secret battle tactics that good players use over bad ones?  You asked what I think, and there ya go.

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Nightspear #4 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:41


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try to quickly empty my bladder in 30 seconds i guess

Brooks #5 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:43


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Finish reading whatever I was looking at on my other screen.  

DeathRattleShakes #6 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:44

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from what i understand people figure out where you are on the map, look at what tanks the enemy has, and what tanks you have, and plan your game out accordingly

Karoneko #7 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:45

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I wait for a few seconds to see what my team does, then respond accordingly. Sometimes, it's best to rush with the lemming group, then turn back and defend if needed. If I see something just going to crap right away, I'll try and get a few players to help me out on the weak flank, and buy my team some time.


Scrub players are still guns shooting at the enemy, so maximize your shots where they are needed to keep more guns shooting.

DingBat #8 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:49


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My pre-game checklist:


1. Start with the basic strategy for the map, spawn, and tank

2. Review the enemy team and adjust strategy accordingly

3. Review friendly team and adjust strategy accordingly

4. Try to anticipate what the enemy team will do. Adjust strategy accordingly.

5. Try to make suggestions to team (not a high probability outcome)


ForestGreenCamo #9 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:50


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I may not be a good player but will try to give a thoughful response.  Obviously, It mainly depends on what i am driving (am I a scout, heavy, etc...).  I also need to asses the situation (regular battle, encounter, assault).  That is obvious.  I determine where i am on the pecking order.  If I am at the bottom, I may consider a scout role even if I am in a TD or medium.  It depends if there are better scouts.  I alos consider my gun.  If I have a derp gun, I will find a loction where there is to be some brawling.  If I have a sniper gun, then do that.  I do try to balance the team.  If a huge crowd is headed one way, I may try to go the other way.


I think this is all pretty obvious stuff, so not sure I am much help.


Oh yes, I will try to XVM stats to figure out who is really good on the other team.  I play tier 5 mainly now, so will see if all their heavies are really good or new players with 200 games driving a KV1.

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Dalroi #10 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:51

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I watch Netflix until the WoT icon on the taskbar turns red, then I know the 30 second period has finished and I can actually play.

OwenGlendower #11 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:51


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View PostDingBat, on Feb 04 2014 - 09:49, said:


My pre-game checklist:


1. Start with the basic strategy for the map, spawn, and tank

2. Review the enemy team and adjust strategy accordingly

3. Review friendly team and adjust strategy accordingly

4. Try to anticipate what the enemy team will do. Adjust strategy accordingly.

5. Try to make suggestions to team (not a high probability outcome)



This. When examining teams, taking into account both their tanks and their XVM stats.

Euro_Trash #12 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:53

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Priority 1: Try to take key positions where you can pin down or control the flow of the enemy team;


Priority 2: Always have a way out to abort or at least dive into cover;


Priority 3: Adapt to whatever unthinkable form of unparalleled stupidity your team managed to derp into existence this game.

Nukelavee45 #13 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:53


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Barely low average, but...


Check tiers involved.

Arty check.

Easy tanks/nemesis tanks.

Names I recognize (including clans)



Check map to see where I'd prefer to be.  Wait to see if that is going to work based on the rest of the team.  Try and see a tank that would compliment mine, and move with it.


some games, there is also the indecisive drive in a loop trying to choose.  that part of the list needs to go.

ballinbadger #14 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:54


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I just look at what tanks we have and the enemy has, which of them I might see where I initially deploy, and how good the tankers are. If I want to rush to a spot in a fast tank, for example, what enemy tanks are fast enough to fight me for it? Are they driven by good players? Do we have good players in fast tanks that might support me? Depending on the answers to these questions I might not rush to the spot after all. Just one example but you can apply this logic to any tank and initial deployment you're thinking about.

Shrike58 #15 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:55


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By this point I have SOP's for most maps depeding on the tank I'm running, particularly if I'm running a scout.


I'm also checking out the team tanks and seeing if there are any that would be compatible to team up with.


Also looking for platoons from good clans to back up.


The one thing that I'm not doing is waiting to see what other people are going to do; this is keeping in mind that it's not a lemming train if a mass attack actually carries through and collapses a flank on the way to the enemy cap.  Brute force is a strategy.

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Guido1212 #16 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:55


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Here are the things you should note.  The actions you take are another story but I'll start with this.


Enemy team composition, both skill (if you run XVM) and type of vehicles

- What's their most likely move based on their skill/tanks?

- Can you counter their best players considering your skill/tank?

- Can you avoid them based on where you think they will go and cause issues elsewhere on the map?

Your teams composition

- Are there any good/great players?

- Can you support them, or do you need to go elsewhere to spread the skill?

- Are your tanks stronger/more armor/faster/etc, basically, what is the best strat for your team composition, and can you support it?

Map/Mode situation

- Choke points

-Most likely enemy routes

- Where to get the best/earliest shots you can

- Where the arty safe areas are (not rock humping or camping)

Your tanks abilities

- Where your tank needs to go/where can it go?

- How you will react if your team doesn't go where you thought

- Where are you tier wise (can you bully, or do you need to be more careful)


If you recommend a strat to your team, did they respond?  Did they tell you to stfu?  Is there a TK fest, a suiscout,  a good scout giving lights?


that's just a some of it, and no discussion of how to exploit any of it, but those are some of the things I think about when the countdown goes.  when platooning, we discuss a plan of action, and several of the alternates if things go badly.  Of course it all goes to pot at first contact, but failing to plan is planning to fail...

AriochQ #17 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:56

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1) Prior to hitting the launch button review the strengths and weaknesses of the tank you have chosen to play.

-Jumping from tank to tank (common while doing your daily doubles) usually results in poorer play than sticking with one tank for a series of matches. The reason for this is most likely due to you not having time to adjust to each tanks individual play style.

-One way to mitigate these dips in performance is to take a second to review the tank you are about to play. Use the acronym PAM: Punch, Armor, Mobility. These three factors will dictate how you should play any given tank.

2) During the loading screen, several important factors should be considered and initial decisions need to be made. The factors to consider include:

- What does your team look like? What does the enemy team look like? Specifically, count how many of each type of tank on each team. Arty heavy teams will require you to protect yourself from arty. TD heavy teams will most likely camp or chose areas with long lines of fire. If you are playing a medium, you may want to avoid heavies or try to get into a position to flank them.

- Where are you on the team list? Are you top tank or bottom tank? Being a Tier 6 heavy in a Tier 8 match is much different than being a Tier 6 heavy in a Tier 6 match! Figure out what role you can play in the battle in order to maximize your impact.

- What map are you playing and how will it affect your style of play? Some maps cater to certain tank types. For example, chugging down tank alley on Himmelsdorf is my T95 is loads of fun. Playing arty on that map is the opposite experience.

2.5) By the time you get to the countdown screen, you should have a basic plan of how you are planning on playing a game based on the information above.

3) Where is your tank positioned at launch? Sometimes you end up on the opposite side of where you want to be. In slow tanks, it is sometimes better to change your plan than creep over to where you wanted to be.

4) How is your team dispersing? On some maps, pub zerging will win the day. But in most cases, both flanks should have some sort of defense. If you see your team dispersing poorly, you may want to bolster the weak flank and try to slow down the enemy to allow your strong side more time to get to their cap.

5) How often are you checking the minimap? Where is the enemy? Where is the enemy not?

-Just like the rear view mirror in driver’s ed, you should check the minimap at least every 10 second or so. There are some periods of the match where I watch the minimap more than I watch the main screen.

- XVM will track last enemy location, this is useful early in the match to try to figure out the enemy strategy (i.e. where they have decided to push). Also, pay attention to where dead allies were located when they died if they were killed by invisi-tanks. This will usually give you an idea of where enemy TDs are located by narrowing down possible locations based on lines of fire.

- Keep a count of how many enemy tanks have been sighted as your tactical options expand as you become more sure of the enemy disposition.

- Nothing is more frustrating than few, or no, enemy lights early in match. Ironically, the absence of information can be informative. You know where your allies are located which tells you where the enemy is NOT located. Therefore, he must be located in the areas in which your team cannot see. It sounds simple, but many players fail to take it into account when moving across the map.

6) Are we at risk of losing if I fail to act?

- Defend first. Always.

- Check the minimap before crossing the point of no return on the way to the enemy cap. A good rule of thumb is to check before crossing the midpoint of most maps. If there is any chance the enemy will get to your cap and begin the timer, you should probably return to defend. A good platoon strategy is to sweep one flank, then return to your own cap, and sweep the other flank.

7) Do you get tunnel vision?

- During the heat of battle, it is very easy to forget to check the minimap. You will sometimes miss a chance to impact the battle by missing an easy shot, getting engaged by unnoticed tanks, or failing to notice your team losing a flank.

- Try to pop out of sniper mode between shots.

- If you are dead and platooned, ride shotgun on your platoon mate and alert them to dangerous situations or target opportunities.

Situational Awareness is THE skill that separates Unicums from the rest of the player base! Any tanker with half a brain will eventually learn weak spots, how to angle their tank, good firing positions, etc. However, superior situational awareness allows them to use all those skills to their maximum effect.

Guest_Canadian_Mano_* #18 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 15:58

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Look at enemy team composition, if no/few arty, go to spot where i can pewpew and sit there. If many amounts of arty, go to spot where i can pewpew, then pewpew on the move, followed up by moving to a wholly different pewpew spot.

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Das_Panzerlied #19 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 16:01


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Thanks jsgx3... I appreciate your time.

RAF_Recovery #20 Posted Feb 04 2014 - 16:01


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I can tell real quick into a battle if its going to end well usually by observing what I like to call the "n00bie Shuffle". That is where the majority of the team blindly follows other in going one way leaving flanks wide AS* open. And of course when I ask the n00bs do they know what a flank is they  or most usually respond with a STFU we know what we are doing. So I usually try to guard the open flank until its hopeless then I either try to make a run for the enemy base or die trying. sad actually but I see this a lot and its usually after school lets out. I wonder if there is a correlation to that?  

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