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NoSanaNoLife #1 Posted Feb 09 2014 - 02:17


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Can you watch old patch replays in the current builds now or do you still need to keep a copy of the old client to match the replays. IE i would need an 8.9 client to run a replay of an 8.9 game.

DubiousDrewski #2 Posted Feb 09 2014 - 03:06

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Replays are an aspect of WoT that I say needs a complete overhaul. There are many quirks. You do indeed need to download the old clients in order to view old replays (maps change their layout often and this constantly breaks old replays)


I wish we could view replays without having to shut down the client. I wish the free camera in replays would quit getting stuck in telephoto. I wish we didn't have to upload our replay files to the EU website (and create a dummy account) JUST so we can view the post game stats (the WoT replay client can't do it)


I know wargaming has a lot on their plate as it is, but I can not WAIT until they do some work to their replay system. It's needed BADLY.

CrashAndBurn #3 Posted Feb 09 2014 - 03:19


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*playing 8.4 replays with v8.5 WOT.*


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