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Team Damage/Kill System Changes for 8.11

TK/TD Patch Changes 8.11

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ket101 #321 Posted Sep 25 2018 - 09:37


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View Posthollycrapper, on Sep 25 2018 - 15:27, said:

The system i flawed of you get hit by your team mate but he does not kill you but then turns and shoots you again so you end up killing him you get banned even though he was the one to start by firing upon you. I do not think a little bit of silver covers it at all. I really hope WOT looks a little closer into this events.


All team damage gets penalised.  All of it.  There's no "he fired first!" rule.  There's no allowances for revenge shots.  There IS allowance for mistakes, but after so many shots, there's only so far the system is prepared to allow it.  But if you do any team damage, expect to pay credits for it, at the very least.  And if you do more than the system allows, expect your name to turn blue or even get yourself banned.


There's a really easy way not to get penalised at all.  It's called, "DON'T SHOOT THE GREEN TANKS!"


Really.  It's that easy, and that hard.  Don't shoot, and they take all the penalties. 

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Rocket_Man_ #322 Posted Oct 09 2018 - 21:56


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Another [edited]player abusing/bullying me today, Flaming_Fury001.

This player started by pushing me in to the line of fire then I moved back. He moved up then I moved up, using him as a shield... then he pushes back at me so I turn and move to a different position, only to have him track me then follow to further his bullying.







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