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WT auf E100

waffle WT e100

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Bom_BARD #1 Posted Feb 11 2014 - 00:03


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So I've been a proud owner of a WT auf e100 about a month now, and would like to share my observations, and ask for yours.


The Wt auf e100 is a lethal TD able to shoot 6 rounds in a clip , 2 sec between shots, and can kill 2 tanks reliably, but then has a 60 sec reload. The alternative gun has 4, 15cm rounds , able to shot every 3 sec, and has a 40 sec reload. The downside is its e100 chasis, that is long and difficult to position, its 20mm turret, and inability to be in camo. In the next patch it going to get nerfed as well.


I've noticed a couple maps where it is crazy OP, but many maps you just can't hide it at all, and it dies. I've tried both guns, and situationally they both have uses. It kinda reminds me of the Gw e100 arty... great but it dies easy.


How do you play yours, what maps do you like, what have you done to minimize its weakness or maximise its advatages, what gun do you like and why?



marty5965 #2 Posted Feb 11 2014 - 16:00


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Why can't it be in cammo?  I have only played it on the test server so I didn't have a good crew.  I have its baby brothers though and find the 15cm gun is too slow reload and flight time.  I will give up the greater alpha of the 15cm for more rounds on target.

Shellback_90 #3 Posted Feb 11 2014 - 17:49


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I have had mine for a few months and agree it is beast. Everyone focuses on it's strength of the gun which is nice but it has major weaknesses as well. I use the 128mm gun because of the six round penetration and better penetration.  Both guns are the same as the tier IX but on autoloader form. It's such a huge tank with a big profile that the camo skill is useless. It's like driving a Maus in regards to being stealthy.  No armor to speak of. I've cut the reload time to 54 secs with the BIA skill but still a long time to pray you don't get engaged. It gets spotted constantly by everything. A quick death follows as the entire enemy team focuses fire on you ...and they should. If I peek from behind cover I do  so backwards as  to only expose the turret and not the long hull. Open maps like Highway, Redshire, and Airfield work best for me. I can take cover in the back and cover the team as they light targets.  Getting spotted is pretty much instadeath. I have fun with it though.

Thorthemighty #4 Posted Feb 12 2014 - 14:46


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Though if I am although I don't have something tells me being hit by HE in the turret hurts a lot.

Karoneko #5 Posted Feb 12 2014 - 15:34

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Have you looked at the current camo values? This things has worse camo than a JE-100 does when it fires. The camo nerf will not be that noticeable on this tank.


With a camo net, and camo trained crew, you can avoid being lit up like a christmas tree in the desert, and put the 12.8cm gun to better work with a safer ability to reload when needed.

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