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Matchmaker Chart

Matchmaker Patch Changes 8.11

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Shyling #41 Posted May 13 2019 - 16:48


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matchmakeing is a joke. add skill based matchmakeing, will make it more fun and challenging for your better players and less annoying to hav those people spending all there time looking ad how there tanks look.also your casual players will hav more fun with like minded people

low_bidder #42 Posted May 31 2019 - 02:20


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Yes team balancing needs to consider more than just an equal number or tanks in each tier, same amount of HP per tier etc.  Vehicle equipment and the player's number of battles also need consideration. All too often it's the Pros against the Joes with vehicles that are equipped to the hilt.

NoNeck #43 Posted Jun 05 2019 - 02:57


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I do not know what that charts is supposed to show us but I will tell you what Match Making is BROKEN. Game after game day after day week after week no matter how good I do the team I get 99.9% of the time is just crap. It did not use to be like this for me at least but for some reason it is that way every time now. What gives? It seems WG must have a box they can check on my account that turns on something to put me on a total noob team. I am about sick of it and about to just quit playing. This sure does not encourage me to spend my hard earned money on this game and I have spent plenty since 2011 way more then I should have and now my stats just dropping everyday cause I can not get a decent team and have a good game maybe 1 in 50 if that. So what is up with this match making?

Kittens_on_a_stick #44 Posted Jul 05 2019 - 07:51


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More "blah blah blah" from WG to placate the scores of players that have been saying for YEARS Matcher Maker IS A JOKE.  Maybe 1 in 20 matches is playable, the rest have outcomes that are PREDETERMINED!  I charge that this is INTENTIONAL and has always been the case.

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