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Matchmaker Patch Changes 8.11

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black_colt #21 Posted Jul 23 2017 - 23:28


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View PostSmooky_Le_chien_husky, on Jul 23 2017 - 10:01, said:

Your match making are not logic For tank destroyer or all other tier 7 . Cant pen to fight tier x or 9 . For many time i use my jag-panther tier 7 always be the last button cant pen the side cant pen behind cant pen frontal cant pen the weak spot . for pen have using gold and is not my option for doing it 


A 8,8 cm Pak 43 JagdTiger can pen a Tier IX and/or Tier X with Premium shells, hitting a weak spot, flanking it and shooting the side and rear, etc.


That does not make it easy though ... nor does it mean that you will earn a boat-load of credits every game ... nor does it mean that you will not be frustrated by the vehicle


Nowhere have I found that you are guaranteed anything in World of Tanks ...


IMHO WarGaming has realized that they have introduced changes to the game based on faulty data [introduction of the Defender, the changes to the armor of the Type 4 and 5 Heavies] - they have even admitted so on video.   Personally I thought that I would never see the day where WarGaming admitted to a mistake - this is great news - we, the Community, need to keep them on that path with clear, cogent, relevant, and concise statements as to why we think a proposed change is good or bad.


Simply pissing and moaning does nothing.

ballbuster2016 #22 Posted Aug 02 2017 - 18:28


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ok, I took some time away from the game and I increased WN8 and win rate big time over the past month. Now remember, I took about 2 months away from game because MM is seriously so bad that I was losing my mind. Anyways, I came back and win rate and wn 8 was awesome. I was out into pretty equal battles...outcomes of 15 - 10 approximately. There were those blowout games but mostly pretty close games either wins or losses which is fine. I have been back about a month and a half now and things have gone right back to where they were before I left. 15-2, 15-5, 15-3 loss after loss after loss...and then the odd win. My win rate has gone down in 2 weeks .5 points. so, the first month was great for matchups and now, im assuming because your program needs a month to assess data, and has now put me into way harder matches to keep my numbers down so I will pay for premium and gold and tanks??? lol.  The teams are absolutely horrible...either new players or just really bad players. wthis this crap? In my opinion, players would be much more willing to give money to WOG if the game was more even. I think the MM program in respect of the tanks on the field being more even now is great. You guys really need to try and match up the team players better so that more even match's can be played rather than have 6 blue players on 1 team and 1 green and 4 orange players on the other team....no competition and u guys know it.. Lets be honest, who wants to play a game lilke that? Win or lose it is not much fun. Im thinking it might be time to look at what else is out there. WOT's is a great game in my opinion except for the MM program, it makes for a horrible time for players. I see more and more players freaking out, swearing at other players and just plain losing their crapbecause of this program and if they get out of line and someone complains WOG warns and possibly penalizes them...Brutal. What do you expect WOG????? You set the rules and when they are unfair rules and players get angry, you blame them. Gimmee a friggin break.  As a player of 5 years now I ask that WOG fix this game once and for all , even if it means making it a non-free game. Put a price tag of 4.99 a month for premium and im sure you would get more money than you dreamed of if you only "FIX THIS [edited]". Either fix it or I for 1 will be leaving to find another game that does not enrage me and works properly. I didn't sign up for this game to become a bitter, angry, raging stupid [edited], I signed up to meet people, have fun, make new friends around the wold and have fun...win or lose.

That's my WOT's rant for the day

And by the way.....This is another new account. My other account has approx. 40,000 games. I mention this cause I don't want anyone thinking that I was talking with only 320 games under my belt. I speak from experience as a very old player.

Cheers Fellas

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Loopy_Wombat #23 Posted Yesterday, 02:35 PM


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Doesn't matter what match maker does, they still put majority of players in a battle with a two tier difference with only heavy tanks being top of the pops, so if you use anything but a heavy, you are bound to have a low win rate, and even if you put money into buying premium ammo and consumables, crew, and other perks, you are still not going to be able to compete unless you are a seal clubber and used to playing with the elite players.  Wargaming is a money making business after all, and they don't care about your complaints, or mine for that matter, it is all about revenue.  They don't give a toss about the bullying, you get from players who don't understand the dynamics of their goal, or that one gets fed up with the bs in battles, as long as the money keeps rolling in.  MM is deliberately set up to screw players over, and give them financial gain.  Anyone who complains, puts in a ticket, will only get the standard message of response...   Hi.... We understand the inconvenience blah, blah, blah...

_GeorgePreddy #24 Posted Yesterday, 03:01 PM

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View Postballbuster2016, on Aug 02 2017 - 18:28, said:

 i'm assuming... 


That's what I got from this tin foil hat conspiracy post...

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