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Patch Notes: 8.11

8.11 Patch Notes

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Howdy tankers!


Here are the updated patch notes for 8.11



·         Added new map “Windstorm”, 1000x1000m, city map (European, winter)

·         Game elements were fixed on the following maps: Erlenberg, Redshire, Highway, North-West

·         Various errors and bugs fixed for the following maps: Himmelsdorf, Fisherman’s Bay, Hidden village, Serene Coast, Cliff, Murovanka.

·         Port completely removed

·         Improved performance on Hidden Village.

·         New map added: Ruinberg on fire  (Ruinberg rainy, with fires and changed lighting)

·         New map added: Winter Himmelsdorf (winter version of Himmelsdorf)

·         Bug of entering the building inside the cap area in Himmelsdorf: Encounter fixed

·         Game performance improved on Fisherman’s Bay, Serene Coast, Severogorsk, and Ensk

·         Excessive brightness of some effects was fixed on several maps

·         Fixed inconsistency between visual model and damage model for a number of buildings and objects.

·         Fixed blinking effects from tank tracks on winter maps.

Vehicle changes

·         Size of Type 59, T-54, WZ-120, Nashorn fixed

·         Reworked T-54 tank model

·         Changed the armor of AMX 50 Foch (155), AMX 50 Foch, AMX AC mle. 48.

·         Parameters of some Tier 10 TD's were rebalanced:  AMX 50 Foch (155), Т110Е4, Т110E3, Object 268, Waffenträger auf E 100.

·         Increased profitability of some tanks:  Lowe, T34, 112, T-34-3, FCM 50 t, M6A2E1, Sexton I, S-51, SU-14-1, M12, Lorraine 155 mle. 50, VK 28.01, VK 20.01 (D), VK 30.01 (D), G.W. Panther.

·         Decreased by 10% profitability of Conqueror Gun Carriage SPG

·         Increased by 25% repair costs for Object 140

·         Balance weight for SPG's reduced by 10%

·         Fixed point of drowning for M44 SPG (M44 was prone to drowning in extremely shallow water)

·         For sake of unified display changed detailing of American tanks damaged suspension models: T29, T32, T34, M37, M41, Chaffee, Pershing, T92, Hellcat, M4A2E4, M46 Patton, M103, T57, T110E5, T26E4, T110E4, T110E3, M44, M53/M55, T69, M60.

·         Fixed errors in visual models for following vehicles: Chaffee, KV-1S, Lorraine 40 t, Type 3 Chi-Nu.

·         Fixed gun models on M48A1 Patton and Conqueror tanks.

·         Fixed issues in WZ-120 camouflage patterns

·         In order to decrease Tier VIII vehicles waiting time, remove 12 battle level from MM distribution

·         Added new game mode 'Confrontation', where teams are created based on nation of the tanks (USSR vs. Germany, USA vs. Francs etc.)

Vehicles rebalancing 

AMX 50 Foch (155):
* Maybach HL 295 F (1200 h.p.) engine changed with Saurer (1000 h.p.)
* Damage dealt by AP-T T368 round of 155 mm AC SA58 gun changed from 850 to 750
* Damage dealt by HEAT T267 round of 155 mm AC SA58 gun changed from 850 to 750
* Armor penetration of HEAT T267 round of 155 mm AC SA58 gun changed from 408mm to 395mm

Waffenträger auf E 100:
* Turning speed of Waffenträger auf E 100 suspension changed from 30 to 26 
* Gun dispersion of 12,8 cm Kanone L/61 gun caused by turret rotation changed by 212%
* Gun dispersion of 15 cm Pak L/38 gun caused by turret rotation increased by 75%
* Rotation speed of Waffenträger auf E 100 turret changed from 24 degrees per second to 22 degrees per second
* Durability decreased by 200 hit points

* Reloading time of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 18.3s to 17s 18.3 сек. до 17 сек.
* Damage dealt by AP M111E1 round of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 850 to 750
* Damage dealt by APCR M112E1 round of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 850 to 750

* Reloading time of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 21s to 19.5s
* Damage dealt by AP M111E1 round of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 850 to 750
* Damage dealt by APCR M112E1 round of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 850 to 750

Object 268:
* Turning speed of Object 268 suspension changed from 30 to 28 
* Gun dispersion on move increased by 11%
* Gun dispersion on turning increased by 11%
* Max reverse speed changed from 18 km/h to 15 km/h 
* Reload time for 152mm M64 gun changed from 17s to 16.5s
* Damage dealt by UBK551M round of 152mm M64 gun changed from 850 to 750 
* Armor penetration of UBK551M round of 152mm M64 gun changed from 450 mm to 395 mm
* Damage dealt by UBR551M round of 152mm M64 gun changed from 850 to 750 


List of vehicles profitability changes:

- T-34-3, profitability increased by 10%.
- 112, profitability increased by 10%. 
- FCM 50 t, profitability increased by 5%.
- Lorraine 155 mle. 50,profitability increased by 5%.
- G.W. Panther, profitability increased by 5%.
- Löwe, profitability increased by 5%.
- VK 20.01 (D), profitability increased by 10%.
- VK 28.01, profitability increased by 10%.
- VK 30.01 (D), profitability increased by 10%. 
- Sexton I, profitability increased by 10%.
- M12, profitability increased by 3%.
- M6A2E1,profitability increased by 8%.
- T34, profitability increased by 5%.
- S-51, profitability increased by 5%.
- SU-14-1, profitability increased by 5%.


UI changes

·         Added new group operations with a crew - retraining the whole crew and returning the whole crew to a tank

·         Added possibility to turn off battle chat, which will hide only custom chat text messages, while showing 'Attention on minimap' and fast commands

·         Added possibility to see the history of battle chat

·         Added voice-over for British crews

·         Added new compensation and penalty system for damaging and/or killing allies

·         Added a more easy-to-notice 'Fire' icon, which is made in the same style as drowning icon

·         Added possibility to disable the display of the tank which killed the player

·         Fixed a lot of errors, and additionally improved 'Battle Missions' window

·         Option added to the right click menu of tanks on the carousel to jump to that specific tank’s statistics

·         In tank research trees added option which will show selected tank in hangar if tank is owned

·         Added possibility to activate 'Fire Extinguisher' consumable, if present, by clicking on the fire icon in the bottom left side of the screen

·         Platooned tanks will be displayed by clicking 'RMB' after your tank’s destruction and only after the rest of the team

·         Added reloading time for standard reloading message

·         Added new markers and indicators to reticle settings

·         Fixed the disappearance of achieved mastery badges

·         Fixed work of in-game voice chat in 'Team Battles'

·         Fixed some issues in 'Team Battles' interface

·         Fixed the strong drop of performance on some graphic setting during close display of some Japanese tanks

·         Changed the principle of camouflage purchasing: after purchase of camouflage pattern for gold it will remain as a selectable camouflage, and can be mounted for free again after use of other camouflage pattern

Achievement Changes

·         Added two new 'Battle Hero' achievements:

Main Caliber:

  • Cause the Highest damage in the course of a battle
  • Must be at least 20% of the enemy team’s total HP
  • Minimum of 1,000 damage caused
  • Player must not hit an ally with a direct shot
  • If two or more players have equal damage and equal claim to Main Caliber, the one with the highest experience earned from the match is awarded
  • Random Battles only

Tank Sniper:

  • Cause the highest damage in a battle at distances over 300 meters
  • Minimum 8 shots fired
  • Minimum 85% hit ratio
  • Minimum 80% of hits must cause damage (modules or HP)
  • Must cause more damage than the hit points of the vehicle used, at least 1,000 HP
  • Player must not hit an ally with a direct shot
  • Only awarded once per battle
  • Not available for SPGs
  • Random battles only

·         'Sniper' achievement moved to 'Special' category. They will still be displayed in 'Service Record', but there will be no possibility to receive a new one.

·         Added new unique achievements for the 'Team Battles': 'Genius for War' (100 times receive the most experience in victorious battle), 'Armored Fist' (Destroy the enemy team losing not more than one vehicle), 'Tactical Breakthrough' (Win 3 times in a row, while part of a random team), 'King of the Hill' (Be the only battle survivor, driving a tank or TD) , 'Wolf Among Sheep' (100 times deal the most damage in victorious battle)

·         Fixed the description of some achievements

·         Added display of 'Mastery Badge' achievement for cases, when player owns the Mastery Badge, but have completed receive conditions again.

·         Reworked visuals for 'Hero of Raisennai' medal


Other changes

·         Fixed the problem with not working display of depot, modules or equipment for tanks, which are not available in the game shop.

·         Optimized 'Motion Blur' effect.

·         In personal tanker record added display of rates, which influence the performance of the tanker

·         Reworked ricochets visual effects

·         Reworked tankers badges of ranks for all nations

·         Fixed several issues with replay recording

·         Fixed some errors with replays playback

·         Fixed the display of speed, while moving reverse with tank.

·         Re-set and in general decreased FOV for different resolutions and proportions of the screen.

·         Added save of used camouflage pattern between sessions

·         Fixed some errors with UI sounds

·         Fixed not properly working save of camera position after battle end

·         Reworked sounds for falling trees

·         Naidin's medal added to the list of 'Courageous defense' achievements

·         Fixed errors, happening in changing graphical presets

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