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Premium not really premium?

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bust331 #1 Posted Apr 16 2011 - 00:40


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I bought premium a few days ago, but I have noticed it's not really giving me much experience after a battle.

I got 3 kills in my hetzer and won the match, and I believe I only got around 600 xp for it? I also damaged a few others I think.

Seems a bit small considering in tanks like the  3601 I never went below 1.3k if I won a match.

Any ideas? Or is this just my imagination?

ZombieFlanders #2 Posted Apr 16 2011 - 00:50


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seems normal to me.  if you killed three tanks below you tier wise then the reward isnt as good as if it is higher tier...especially if you only finished them off.  you get rewarded for damage done, not kills.  plus, the hetzer is T4(?) and the vk is T6 so the vk will earn more per battle. what are your results like with other vehicles?

1N54N3 #3 Posted Apr 16 2011 - 00:50


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Having spent 6 months as a guest account during beta, I can tell you the difference is in fact observable. You do not see it as much on low tiers but it does become astronomical around tier 6.

You will start losing money at tier 6 without premium. Whereas you start losing money on tier 8 with premium.

Premium is a 50% bonus. So if you get 400xp without premium, thats 600xp with premium. You notice this at tier 5 mostly, but not so much at tier 2.

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