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ERROR: Exceeded tankmen in tank MADE by SU85I since patch 8.11

SU85I Radioman

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iam070 #1 Posted Mar 05 2014 - 16:24


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Hi everyone.

I am a player in China, in which the game is operated by a Chinese company called Kongzhong.net.

The company updated the game to 8.11 in 2014/02/25. Since then thousand players have met a serious "1012" issuse which caused by a radioman in SU85I.(Kongzhong.net has sold more than 4,000 SU85I in China server, which is untouchable in US , EU or RU servers)

In patch 8.11, the developer removed the radioman in SU85I(now only four tankmen in SU85I), but because SU85I is rare in US, EU or RU servers, the developers didn't test well of the removement.

Most of the player( which have a SU85I  placed with other tank's men ) are unble to login into the game. The game show a dialog said "Server disconnected, Reson: Sync "Tankmen" related content(1012)".

And we found two error log in the game's python.log :


Block Quote

[ERROR] (scripts/client/account_helpers/AccountValidator.py, 155): There is exception while validating item (('vehicle', VEH_DATA(compDescr='\x01\xd2Y\x006\x00\xcb\x00\x16\x00H\x00U\x00\x06\x15\x00\x12\x00', descriptor=, invID=171, repair=0, customizations=1393474322.477, igrCustomizationsLayout=1393474322.477, crew=[None, None, None, None, None], lock=0, settings=15, shells=[9226, 40, 9482, 13, 9738, 5], shellsLayout={(18435, 21764): [9226, 40, -9482, 13, 9738, 5]}, eqs=[251, 1275, 763], eqsLayout=[251, 1275, 763]), None),)
[ERROR] (scripts/client/account_helpers/AccountValidator.py, 156): Exceeded tankmen in tank


When the player post this bug in Kongzhong.net's forum, the admin said "Please wait for a while, we have contacted the developer in RU, the fix will come soon".

]But the error does not be fixed so far. So i post a topic here to see if there would be a solutions.




nineshotwonder #2 Posted Mar 05 2014 - 16:31


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While I feel for you and the other players affected by the problem, there really isn't anything that the WG NA team can do in terms of coming up with a solution, since the Chinese server isn't run by Wargaming.


You're best bet is to wait until WG's Head Office gets back to Kongzhong with a solution. In the meantime, just take a break from tanks, and maybe play a different game while you wait.

smiley119 #3 Posted Mar 05 2014 - 16:34


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( /-\) as much as people would wish to help you the main problem is that the Chinese server is the only independantly run. All you can do is wait for the coders in Belarus to fix it

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