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Binding Special Reticle to the right mouse button doesn't work properly for SPGs

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PollyWaffen #1 Posted Apr 16 2011 - 04:55


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*(Apologies in advance if this is already a known issue... I searched this forum and couldn't find anything similar/relevant.)

I'd like to customise my controls by binding "special reticle" to the right mouse button. (I think this setup is similar to many first person shooter games, where "aim down the sight" is bound to the right mouse button by default.)

If I set this bind, it works fine for tanks and tank destroyers... but apparently not for SPGs. In an SPG, clicking the right mouse button once brings up the special reticle for an SPG (i.e. overhead view) as expected. But clicking it a second time does nothing at all, and I end up getting permanently stuck in overhead view (because I can't seem to get out of it using any other button/key whatsoever).

I've experimented with binding special reticle to other mouse buttons (e.g. middle mouse) and, as far as I can see, the problem I've described doesn't appear. It only seems to happen with the right mouse button.

Is it possible to implement a fix for this? Or is there a known workaround? (Other than choosing a different button for the bind, that is! :Smile_honoring: )

Thanks & cheers.

Ozium #2 Posted Apr 17 2011 - 02:01


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yup it's a silly bug that needs to be fixed, and why does autoaim need two keys when the same one can be toggle on/off ???

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