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The M3 Lee - Bad or good?

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Gryphius #21 Posted Apr 18 2011 - 06:32


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I actually didn't mind it once I got used to it. The gun is solid for the tier... just do what everyone else has said. You cannot use it like a traditional medium tank. It must be played like a tank destroyer, which necessitates hanging back and picking things off from afar.

In fact, one of my best games ever was in a Lee- 8 kills :D

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Vrekgar #22 Posted Apr 18 2011 - 09:02


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Your correct hazy about letting others go ahead. Its not a front line tank and shouldnt be played as one. Picking off wounded targets is its best job. You can also soften up some targets preemptively for others. But its best used at range.

The shots arent very slow either. Its not too difficult to hit a zooming light tank even at long range, it just requires you HIT them instead of letting splash knock em out.

Its a very defensive oriented tank and for its Tier its a Relatively fast TD. Use it as such, shoot and scoot. Pop out of cover, blast em and duck back in cover. Its not as easy as on a turreted tank but its workable. Its best strength is the fast fire from its gun. Again, for its Tier its accurate and can fire fast. (Dont forget to upgrade the crew. 50% crew is slow as heck VS. 75% or higher. The gun is really accurate at higher crew.

SpectreHD #23 Posted Apr 18 2011 - 09:44


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Personally, I like the M3. Sure it is hard to use. But used well, it is a very formidable vehicle. I guess it suits my defensive playstyle. Like others have said before me, just gotta play it like a TD.

Sure, this tank is a hard grind especially if you want to go both heavy and medium line, but if you think grinding in an M3 is bad, grinding in the T34 heavy is a much worse ordeal. At least for me.

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