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Two strange last minute endings back to back....

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AbramsSmakr #1 Posted Mar 25 2014 - 00:49


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My 2nd battle was in my T49 about 20 minutes ago. It was at Swamp in a tier VI battle. I decided to camp near our base at first behind the bushes there, and help shoot tanks at the far rear on that same side. But once we got significantly ahead in the tank kill count, I headed out towards the center of the field. When I got there, there were only a few enemies left, and they were getting killed right as I headed towards them. But then I see a tank spotted on the mini map just over a hill and I headed there. He was hit and knocked down to around 100Hp when I crested the hill, and as I scrolled down into sniper mode, there was a dead tank around 100 meters in front of me, so I aimed at him through the tracks under that dead tank, and I fired and killed him. Ended up with 2 kills and in the top 1/4 of the rankings in that battle.


I immediately switch to my Panzer II/IV and get sent to Ruinberg. BTW: I get Ruinberg at least 1-2 times out of every 6-8 battles! So I take the field side at the far side opposite the city, and we quickly get ahead. I get 2 kills, then we are capping the base with only 1 enemy tank left. Someone keeps giving inaccurate spots on the map as to where that last tank is, so a few of us are driving all over the darn map looking for him! Finally, the only spot that had not been searched was at around A1. So I head there, I get near the end of that dead end street and dont spot him. At this poit we are all confused as I start to turn around, then I hear the beacon go off letting us know he has been spotted. I look at the mini map, and he's within 25 meters of me! I turn around, and find him hiding literally inside the doorway of a building right  there near A1. He just barely fit back in that little slot, but he was completely hidden back in there. He had backed in, so he was facing me, and now shooting me. So I sit there 5-7 meters away firing at him til he dies, and just beat the cap by like 2 seconds! End up with 3 kills there.


Here's #1:



Here's #2;


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SkyClouds #2 Posted Mar 25 2014 - 10:08

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I would give a shot and send the first one to the RNG videos as it never hurts to try and I think they give you like 500+ gold if you get picked. For the second one, I don't know what tank it is but many TDs and Arti will put them selfs into small holes and dead ends when they know they are being hunted so they don't get flanked. You're still rather new to WoT so I'm sure you will see a lot more weird stuff, especially now that the game has physics! Good Luck out there and look out for falling tanks :happy:

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