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Official Mac Wrapper Feedback Thread

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black_colt #1061 Posted Aug 05 2017 - 00:53


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View Postwillmurray461, on Aug 04 2017 - 12:05, said:

Is there no way to run the HD client on a Mac? I have tried re-downloading and resetting the graphics many times, but the client thinks my Mac is running a 32 bit operating system, which it is not, and therefore won't let me download the HD client's asset files. BTW, here is the data that was asked for: all graphical options on highest settings except textures (because I need the HD client for that). The textures slider is on the highest setting the SD client can run. I also enabled triple buffering and vertical sync, because without them there is visible screen tearing. The lowest frame rate I recorded was 29fps, the highest being 74fps. The average frame rates are in the high 50's and low 60's. I haven't tried any other graphics modes. My "Mac" (a Hackintosh), is comprised of a quad core intel i5 7600k, with 4.2 GHz maximum clock speed with 6MB of cache. I have 16GB of Corsair Vengance DDR4 2666MHz memory, and a MSI GTX 1050 OC. My system definition is a Mac Pro from 2010. My system is currently running macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Everything works fine. I am very pleased with World of Tanks, but very disappointed that my Mac won't run the HD client.


View Postdstud208, on Aug 04 2017 - 12:09, said:

Unfortunately you "are" running 32 bit, the Mac client for WoT is 32 bit ony, the devs were going to try and fix it, but I don't think that ever happened and quietly just got forgotten about. So while your computer is a fully functional 64 bit machine, the "Mac client" or wrapper is 32 bit only. Sorry but I think this is something we just have to live with.


edit: my "knowledge" is a year or longer old on this subject and things might have changed. But I haven't heard anything since then so I'm just assuming it is still the same.


If you are running OS X/macOS on a non-Apple-branded computer then it is NOT a Mac - do not refer to it as a Mac as this is misleading. It is a Hackintosh and should be referred to as such.


The HD client of the native MS Windows game is a 32-bit executable but it demands a 64-bit operating system to have 4GB of address space available.  WOW64 in 64-bit versions of MS Windows allows 4GB of address space to be available to 32-bit executables and that is why you can have the HD client as well as the SD client on 64-bit versions of MS Windows.


There are two methods by which you can run MS Windows app on OS X/macOS - emulation or running a compatibility layer app.  Parallels is example of emulation.  WINE is a compatibility layer app.  The WoT Mac Wrapper uses WINE.


WINE [Wine Is Not an Emulator] is pretty cool as it translates MS Windows API calls on-the-fly eliminating the performance and memory penalties of other methods.


However IIRC the WoT Mac Wrapper is based on WINE 1.9 which does not have 4GB of address space available.  Hence the inability to run the HD client in the current WoT Mac Wrapper even though OS X/macOS has been a 64-bit OS since IIRC OS X 10.8 [2012].


That said and if your primary boot drive on your Mac is formatted with HFS+ you can use Boot Camp to create a bootable MS Windows partition and run MS Windows natively on your Intel-based Mac.  


Currently you are unable to do this if your primary boot drive is formatted with APFS - e.g. macOS High Sierra.  Hopefully Apple will make Boot Camp available for APFS since that will be their default file system going forward on macOS.


I ran MS Windows natively on my late 2015 27-inch iMac 5K Retina up until I migrated to macOS High Sierra and it worked quite well.  You can run the HD client and you can run the Common Test client as well.


No need to make custom WoT Mac Wrappers to run the Common Test client on OS X/macOS.


There is even a website that allows you to run the latest AMD drivers [when you install MS Windows with Boot Camp Apple provided AMD drivers are included and cannot be upgraded through the normal AMD driver updates] so I could fully leverage the dedicated 4GB AMD ATI RADEON R9 M395x card in my iMac.


BUT ... to be quite honest I did not see much of a difference visually on my iMac 5K Retina between the SD client in OS X/macOS to justify the performance penalty [lower FPS and higher ping - 20/30 less FPS and 40/50 percent higher ping - wireless drivers in MS Windows are a pile of steaming solid waste] when running the HD client in 64-bit MS Windows.


Your mileage may vary...




There have been rumors that Wargaming has considered and then rejecting making the game a 64-bit executable - probably too many individuals running 32-bit versions of MS Windows that they could not justify excluding them from playing as you cannot run a 64-bit executable on a 32-bit OS.


However if the game becomes a 64-bit executable we should be able to expect that the WoT Mac Wrapper will run the HD Client.


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Texas_Vet #1062 Posted Aug 12 2017 - 03:55


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Was a change made for us using the NA servers?  My Mac client is freezing during the "Update Garage" part during the "Authenticate" and "Connect" process.


No changes were made to my Mac.

The_Hardstone #1063 Posted Aug 20 2017 - 14:19


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Does anyone know if Razer and/or the MacWrapper people plan to fix the issue of the game not starting when Razer Synapse is installed? I'm not sure on which end the problem lies, but I would really like to use my headset without having to remove the Razer audio plugin every time.


black_colt #1064 Posted Aug 20 2017 - 18:04


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View PostThe_Hardstone, on Aug 20 2017 - 05:19, said:

Does anyone know if Razer and/or the MacWrapper people plan to fix the issue of the game not starting when Razer Synapse is installed? I'm not sure on which end the problem lies, but I would really like to use my headset without having to remove the Razer audio plugin every time.



​Raise a Support Ticket with CodeWeavers as they produced the WoT Mac Wrapper.


Here is the URL for your convenience: https://www.codeweav...tact-us#support


Another alternative is to install MS Windows via Bootcamp on your Apple-branded Intel-based hardware.  I am doing this right now so that I can battle on the Common Test Server.  Really not hard - Microsoft allows you to run 64-bit MS Windows 10 Pro for thirty [30] days without activating.  Took about an hour all together - downloading the MS Windows ISO, creating the USB drive [my MacBook Pro does not support directly installing - IIRC only hardware newer than 2014 can do that], and installing.


When running MS Windows be sure to update daily - do not want you to succumb to that ransom-ware that only affects MS Windows.

fredo1998 #1065 Posted Aug 21 2017 - 23:27


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is wot able to run on mac? or did codeweavers not make changes yet...im new to the wot world

TC_Override #1066 Posted Aug 22 2017 - 03:41


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Hi fredo1998,


Sure it is, using your MAC just go to the WoT download site and choose the Mac option.  WoT




black_colt #1067 Posted Aug 22 2017 - 18:50


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View Postfredo1998, on Aug 21 2017 - 14:27, said:

is wot able to run on mac? or did codeweavers not make changes yet...im new to the wot world


​There are two options for running World Of Tanks on Mac hardware:


The WoT Mac Wrapper which runs in OS X/macOS


The native game which runs in MS Windows.  You need to have MS Windows installed via Boot Camp in order to use this option.


If you want to use the WoT Mac Wrapper and:


have not previously installed the WoT Mac Wrapper then go to https://worldoftanks.com/en/game/ and download the DMG.  Double click on the DMG and follow the installation instructions.


have previously installed the WoT Mac Wrapper and the version is not 2.0.10 then you will need to delete and reinstall the WoT Mac Wrapper.


Here are the instructions on how to delete and reinstall:


Go to the following Forum thread and download the Studly Utility from dstud208




Install the Studly Utility 


Go to [Documents] then [WoT] and duplicate the [replays] folder.  Move that duplicated folder to the Desktop.


Launch the Studly Utility


NOTE: If you want to keep your replays you must duplicate the [replays] folder and move it to the Desktop. The next step will completely delete all files.


Click on [World of Tanks] then [General] then [Delete Completely] then Click on [OK] in the next dialog box. 


Next click on [Live Server] and click on your region. Your web browser will open and download the region-appropriate DMG.  After download completes - double click on the DMG and drag the WoT Mac Wrapper app to the [Applications] folder.  After the app copies eject the DMG.


Double click on the app to launch and wait until you see [Updating game client:] then click on the double vertical lines immediately to the left of [PLAY] button to stop the update. 


Quit the WoT Mac Wrapper.


If open quit the WoT Mac Wrapper and make sure all world_of_tanks processes are quit/closed. Use [Activity Monitor] in [Applications][Utilities] and force-quit any open world_of_tank processes.


Go Back to/Relaunch the Studly Utility


Click on [World of Tanks] then [General] then [Disable Torrents]


Launch the WoT Mac Wrapper.  


Install any updates to the WoT Mac Wrapper - this is separate from game updates which happen in the [PLAY] dialog box after the WoT Mac Wrapper finishes launching.


Let the game install any updates needed in the [PLAY] dialog box.  When complete click on [PLAY] and log-into the game.


Please let the Forum know if this works ...


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