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Lert #1 Posted Apr 22 2011 - 15:05


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Please don't drive right behind me. I might want to stop to take a shot, and do not need the damage from you ramming into my rear. Nor, I am sure, do you.

Please don't sit right behind me. I might need to back up to avoid dying, which I can't if you're sitting right there.

Please don't ping the map when there is only one red dot shown: we all have a minimap, we can all see him. No need to point him out.

Please don't forget to tell us where you are, when you ping 'help'. A simple additional ping on the minimap would go a long way to telling us where you are.

Please show restraint when pinging the minimap. Too often do I see people trying to explain whole strategies by pinging long lanes of traffic on the map. You only need to ping one or two squares to indicate where you're going: not the whole lane. The more the minimap is pinged, the more people will just ignore it.

Please inform us why you are pinging the map, if you find a brief moment to do so. If you just ping A4 and then say nothing, we don't know why you pinged A4 and what you're trying to tell us.

Please remember to spread out evenly across the flanks / chokepoints. If out of 15 tanks 3 stay behind to guard the base and 10 move to the left flank, that leaves only 2 to guard the right flank. The moment the enemy figures this out, they'll steamroll the right flank and you have lost the match.

Please remember that accidents do happen. Accidentally shooting your teammate or even killing them is part of this game. Apologise, and carry on. Likewise, if your teammate accidentally damages you and apologises, accept the apology and carry on.

Please don't suicide-scout. All you will achieve is lighting up the enemy for a few seconds, allowing your team's SPG's maybe one shot - if they are lucky - which is likely to miss. You will earn very few XP and credits, and you will have wasted your tank. Instead, scoot ahead incrementally, use cover, advance cautiously and keep enemies lit up. You'll earn a lot more XP, and you'll be a far, far greater asset to your team.

Please remember that just because you see a tank does not mean that you have to shoot it. This goes especially for light tanks / designated scouts. If you shoot at someone, you increase the chance of being spotted. Being spotted means you will soon die. Instead, just keep them lit up and let the heavier guns do the work: you will get XP and credits for damage your team does to targets that you light up.

Please remember that it does no harm to tell your teammates 'good job' or 'nice shot' when they take out the enemy heavy hitter. Nor does it do harm to your buddies 'thanks' if they kill the tank that was about to kill you, saving your life. Everyone - especially TD's and SPG's - like it when you tell them thanks, if they help you. If you're feeling especially daring, congratulate the enemy on their excellent flanking maneuver that left you a smoking wreck. After all, your enemies this match could be your team next match.

Please remember that there is no such thing as kill stealing. Kills don't matter. Damage done does. If I see a low health straggler, most of the time I will pick him off. That doesn't mean that I 'robbed' you of XP and credits: it just means that I took one more enemy gun out of the game. An enemy gun that could have turned around and put a 105mm shell through your head. If you pop a tank that I've brought down to single digit health, I will appreciate it. After all, not only have you just saved me the cost of one shell, you've also ensured that I can find another target faster instead of spending longer worrying about this one.

Please remember that venomous sarcasm doesn't help any situation. Instead of going "Good job, noob-ass suckteam, you left the right flank undefended, you lost us the match, nice going noobtards" try "I could use some help defending right flank please." which is far, Far more likely to actually work. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Please remember that we are all people, too. Not automatons. We make mistakes, we make tactical choices that might pan out and might not. Just because someone disagrees with you, or does something you think tactically unwise from where you are sitting, doesn't necessarily mean that they are noobs, halfwits, idiots or retards. I make a point of doing the opposite of what someone tells me to do, if they do so in a rude manner. You don't like being called those things, neither do I.

Thank you.

A fellow Tanker

Whee #2 Posted Apr 22 2011 - 15:12


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Nice work, stuff like these are suppose to be told to other players. A lot of times, I have seen teams do these mistakes or insults.

CV_Rework_is_Fine #3 Posted Apr 22 2011 - 15:23


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its just a shame no matter how polite/nice/helpful you are in a game some people will ignore you totally and get you or the team killed. one thing i have noticed since the game went live is the MASSIVE amount of camping even to the point of being in a game 7 mins behind see an enemy tank.

i do try to be helpful to the newer players that have joined us since live and i know a lot of vets are the same, however most of them do make it VERY hard work. as they seem think they know better after 50 games then players like myself and others that have played hundreds if not thousands of games.

i'll admit im prone to the odd rage at players simply because if they had listened to the team mates the game would have turned out differently

to any newer players READ the OP's post LEARN it USE it.

hotbutterycopporn #4 Posted Apr 22 2011 - 15:29


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Good list, agree on all points but allow me to make one addendum:

Please don't try to snipe with the KV's 152 and then complain about your "weak tank".

Deleted_User_1000413491 #5 Posted Apr 22 2011 - 15:31

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All I can say is,Well Said.But,I do have to say,yesterday I was half way up the hill(map with the broken aqueduct) trying to keep an eye on our flag and some idiot(name started with a K or N,do not remember)gave me a hard time calling me a moron camper and shooting around me.This was un-called for.1)Sherman is slow going uphill,therefore sitting duck for arty,2)I was the only one trying to defend my flag.When I figured I had a shot of moving to the other flag,and the other fore enemy tanks were not close to MY flag,I moved to theirs.Got on theirs,almost capped but time ran out.Was a draw.Since when is it not allowed to defend your flag?Was accused of not firing a shot,till I got to their flag.Well,it has been my experience that if no tank shows so I can hit him,why should I shoot at nothing only to give my location away to some arty?I know exactly what I am doing and what my tank is capable of and do not appreciate the ignorance of some idiot.He was lucky I did not take a shot at him.People like that has no clue on warfare.FYI-the idiot got destroyed,as what happens to big mouths.Sorry if I hurt someones feelings but it had to be said.

WhiskeyTangoRomeo #6 Posted Apr 22 2011 - 15:48


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Well said, well said.

Now, let's hope folks come in here and read it!!

Thanks  :Smile_honoring:

blakkmantis #7 Posted Apr 22 2011 - 18:01

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The ones who seriously need to read this are most likely not the ones coming to these forums to learn things to get better in the first place.  :blink:

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