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Machinima of World of Tanks

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Randomguy22 #61 Posted Jun 20 2011 - 01:24


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Idea- There are two teams of tanks locked in combat, hindered by the nervous panzerjager, when suddenly, a maus or something appears and starts killing everyone. One team decides to flee, while the other team chases them, thinking that the nervous panzerjager is the one who's killing everyone. Maus keeps on killing, until the PZJG and a light tank are left. They flee, and go through many different maps, with the Maus pursuing them. Eventually the PZJG drives off a cliff and dies (supposedly) leaving only one light tank fighting a maus. The maus attacks, but the PZJG appears to try and save the day, only to end up killing its ally and in turn being desstroyed by the maus.


Tanks are everywhere. The camera is focusing on one of them.

"MS-1 ahead! Fire on it!"-commander

"Which one?"-gunner.

"Just shoot something."-commander


"Did we hit it?"-commander

"Nope. Just like the last 15 shots."-gunner

"**** it! I'll take over. Move!"-commander


"No buts. Gimme the gun."-commander

Bang! Bang! Bang! click

"Why isn't the gun working?"-commander

"We're out of ammo. You wasted it all."-gunner

"**** it!"- commander.

Cuts to nervous panzerjager.


"God****it! Another miss!"-gunner.


"At least that hit a rock,"- gunner

"Gimme the controls. Go out there and see if you can stop those shells with your face,"-commander


"Will you quit teamkilling? You just got another one of our KVs."-random tank commander


"AAAAAAAARGHHHH!" You got our last arty!" other random tank commander.


"You got our ****ing sherman!"-random tank commander


"You tracked m-" Signal gets cut short as tank is destroyed.

Cuts to the Maus, and then to a panzer 3.

"Holy S***! What is tha-" Tank is destroyed.

cuts to KV

"What is tha-" KV is destroyed.

Maus goes on a killing spree. One team decides to run away.

"AAAAAAHHH! RUUUUUNNN!! Let's get out of here!" Random signals as the team flees

Cuts to Panzer 35T

"Hey look! That teamkiller scared them off! Nice work!"-tank commander

Cuts to Panzerjager

"That wasn't us. It was some Uber tank. I've bugged out. I advise you to do the same."-radioman

Sound of explosions as the Panzerjager runs away.

Panzerjager meets a BT-2 or something, and they run across Himmelsdorf, Lakeville, Malinovka, and Mines, with the Maus going after them. The, at El-Halluf, The Panzerjager drives off a cliff.

BT-2 continues alone, but the Maus finds it at Karelia.

Cuts to BT-2

"OMIGOD!! It's tracked us! We can't move!"-Driver

Cuts to Panzerjager.

C'mon! let's get it while it's distracted!"-Gunner


BT-2 explodes.

"CAN'T YOU HIT ANYTHING????"-commander

Maus turns around and shoots the Panzerjager. Screen goes black.

Whee #62 Posted Dec 15 2011 - 19:07


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The_Chieftain #63 Posted Dec 17 2011 - 03:38

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Holy Thread Necromancy, Batman!

That said, I'd be curious to see how this works out. Someone's going to do it eventually....

Skygunner #64 Posted Dec 17 2011 - 03:43


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So you are thinking a comedy based around tanks yes?

If you are still planning on such a thing, colour me interested

Whee #65 Posted Dec 17 2011 - 05:08


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Anyone wanna do something serious?

I'm suggesting an intro like this. Check out this link:

Watch from 2:18 to 3:30

If only we can do something similar with tanks. Anyone interested?


Jaigenarc #66 Posted Dec 17 2011 - 16:22

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I had kinda postponed this project because at the time I was just doing to much stuff and way too busy and it didn't seem doable at the time but things are kinda looking better now and if you guys are interested I'm happy to get back to work on it ^^

I've already got a first episode typed up and a bit of an outline for the second.

If you are interested in voice acting and/or being an extra PM me and I'll get to you :)

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