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reticle studders or laggs

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Neoplistkin #1 Posted Apr 19 2014 - 16:11


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ok guys heres the deal ..I run at 70 to 90 fps ping is at 20 to 25 ms I have never had a prob running game on high settings but I chose to play at lower setting for extra smooth play...since patch I still run at same fps and ms but now on the lowest setting for EVERYTHING I have sight studder there is a delay on my site when ever I move in norm or sniper mode ...I took off all mods running clean and still have it ...until this is fixed the game is unplayable for me ...if I can't hit a moveing tank there is no since playing because most guys won't sit still for u to shoot at them ..

I haven't seen anyone else on fourms mention this prob but I can't belive im only one with it ..


please fix this or this game is over for me ...



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