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Panther M10 counterweight

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Life_In_Black #21 Posted Jun 26 2015 - 01:31


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View PostColddawg, on Jun 25 2015 - 08:31, said:


The funny thing is that of the 5 or so Panther/M10 tanks they were all easily identified and quickly disabled or destroyed.  It was a stupid idea and a waste of materials.  War crimes are a fickle thing.  Dress up one of your own tanks like the enemy and everyone throws a fit.  Steal an enemy vehicle and use it against them and they don't bat an eye.


The entire operation was half baked and doomed to fail from the start. As for using enemy vehicles, it's perfectly fine to use enemy equipment so long as you're fighting under your own colors/symbols/uniforms etc. These Panther/M10s had American stars/markings on them which is a clear war crime. It would have been much more grey if those stars weren't present and the German Balkenkreuz were used instead. This is why captured vehicles used by the Germans were always covered in Balkenkreuz.

stalkervision #22 Posted Jun 26 2015 - 11:58


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Watch on the Reign was half baked to begin with. This is far from the only example. The German generals wanted a far more realistic and limited campaign but Hitler would hear none of it.


 Just understand that the German's were not the only using these deceptions.

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