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WoT Newsletter Volume #23

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SiberianExpress #1 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 05:21

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Posted Image

Welcome to the World of Tanks!
For all the new players joining us this week we welcome you!
To get acquainted with the game please you may want to check out the Tutorial Videos, WIKI, Tankopedia and Newcomers Forum Section

From the Financial Department
For those that may behaving problems with any financial issues please check the Financial Issues section on the forum, if you can't find an answer there contact support at support.worldoftanks.com or support@worldoftanks.com If you haven't received a response please be patient all tickets will be answered. If you are getting an error when buying gold on the website please try a different Internet browser Internet Explorer has issues with certain sites.

From the Reconnaissance Department
Game Manual
And for those that missed it, the release version of the game now includes a game manual. You can find it in your game folder or download it here: world_of_tanks_game_manual.pdf
Alpha tankPosted Image
You may have seen a PzKpfw V-IV Alpha in battle, and no they aren't Alpha testers, they are those that dedicated a lot of their time in Beta to help the World of Tanks community. They are the translators, wiki editors and moderators. If you see them in battle make sure to thank them for all their hard work with a 15 gun salute.
New French tank pics
Find new french tank renders in Souroy's post: Screenshots from the Press meeting of Paris
T1 Cunningham
History and renders now available on the official site for the T1 Cunningham

From the Research and Development Department
Supertest Applications for the Supertest have closed, 45 players were chosen to participate: Congratulations! If you are on the list you should have received an email with follow-up instructions.

Sneak Peak at some screenshots of a map in development:
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Imagehttp://img696.imageshack.us/img696/9092/worldoftanks20110426131.th.jpgPosted ImagePosted Imagehttp://img29.imageshack.us/img29/9092/worldoftanks20110426131.th.jpgPosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Changelog -> (not finalized)

From the Special Operations Department
The Drill Boot Camp Tournament Open
WoT players proved to be great warriors during the Ural Steel Championship and continue following its updates, demonstrating unlimited desire and potential for Great Combats. At this stage World of Tanks team gladly announces the start of The Drill Boot Camp Tournament, which will engage vehicles of 5/60 Division.
Use the chance to advance your team skills and gather with other players in the Tournament on the threshold of oncoming Clan Wars!
Find more info in the contest forum section: The Drill Boot Camp
A separate qualifying round is organized for players from Asian and Oceanic countries,  it will be held in accordance with UTC +8 time zone. To take part in this UTC+8 qualifying round, note it in your message to GM that you are applying for UTC+8 tournament.

The exact schedule will be announced when the registration is over.

Elbe Day Contest Open
World of Tanks warriors should make images in the style of historical photos on the basis of in-game screenshots. The rules of the contest are given in the special forum topic.

The contest will close on the 8th of May 8:00 UTC.

1st place: 12500 gold
2nd place: 8500 gold
3rd place: 5000 gold

Clan Parade Contest Open

Use this unique chance to frighten the enemy with your carefully honed coordination and discipline! Make a video of your Clan as if you are on Parade! Your 1 to 5 minutes long videos should contain at least 10 Clan tanks. The rules of the contest are given in the special forum topic.  

The contest will over on the 8th of May 8:00 UTC.  

1st place: 30000 gold
2nd place: 20000 gold
3rd place: 10000 gold

Kill the Mod: The Return of Tank Company Competition Open
May 8 starting 5:00 PM UTC and up to 7:00 PM UTC the team of WoT developers and moderators will unite again to fight against players. If the players’ team wins, each warrior will be granted 1,000 in-game gold. In case of defeat each participating player will get 500 in-game gold. And 750 in-game gold will be your reward for a draw. More information on the event is given in the special forum topic.

If your tank company happens to end-up struggling with the tank-knights of Wargaming.net twice, you won’t be granted any gold for your second and all the further battles. However all the victories still count as they cannot but bring the enjoyment of defeating such enemies. Use the chance to show off your combat skills!

We invite all our soldiers to take part in the stunning Contests Marathon!

Climb to the Top Contest Results
Players fought hard to get their high-end vehicles as soon as possible, but only the fastest get the prizes.
SonOfDilbert - Maus in 134 hours (10000 gold)
tony666 - T30 in 138 hours (10000 gold)
inkXx - IS-7 in 181 hours (10000 gold)
trumsodo - Object 212 in 80 hours (7000 gold)
cipherd - M40/43 in 87 hours (7000 gold)
fmonte - GW-Tiger in 163 hours (7000 gold)

You can find out more about the contest here
Across the board North American players acquired their desired tanks faster than the European ones.

Kill the Mod: Afterwipe Competition Results
The second Kill the Mod event was held on April 16th and fun was had by all.

For the North American server 824 players participated, 401 will receive a total amount of 103 000 gold!
You can find out more about the event results as well as a list of all of those that will receive gold here
FiendlyFoe[MM] Killed 7 in 1 battle
Brewhammer[TCH] Killed 6 in 1 battle
catalase Killed 6 in 1 battle

8bit WoT Contest Results
The results are in and the winners are:
Vektor - World of Tanks 80's Style Video (9000 gold)
manpo - (8-Bit NES Style) World of Tanks (6000 gold)

Easter Hustle and Bustle in World of Tanks Contest Results
Wargamming hid the Easter eggs well, so only 4 players found them:
d_black_se (5000 gold)
Cousteau (2500 gold)
aRmoreD_eX (2500 gold)
rahx (2500 gold)

You can find more about the contest here

Design Your Tank Contest Results
The winners of the Design Your Tank contest are:
keptin - M5A1E2 Stuart VII (World of Tanks T-shirt, 3000 gold and 5 days of premium account)
Raptor_Fulcrum - M38-43 (World of Tanks T-shirt, 2000 gold and 3 days of premium account)
_____SCOPE_____ - Rakete-Tiger VI (World of Tanks T-shirt, 1500 gold and 1 day of premium account)
Hawkwood26 - S22/40 Italian tank (World of Tanks T-shirt, 1500 gold and 1 day of premium account)

You can find more about the contest winners here

Keep on the lookout for new events, contests and competitions.

From the High Command
Q: According to some of our more informed members on the forum, the gun depression/elevation values of some German tanks have been severely nerfed from their historic stats.
A: It is not true, there was no such special treatment for German guns. Depression values are chosen in accordance with 1) historical data 2) balance 3) 3d modelling requirements.

Q: One thing that talk of revised tech trees has made me wonder is how accounts that have a tank that is being patched out will be handled. Will the player get the exp back? or will we be able to keep the old tank as a sort of "Back in the day this was what we had to use" kind of thing?
Also, we've gotten approximate dates on the fleshing out of the US and German trees (except for the open top TDs, but that's fine ), but what about the Russian tree? There's a truly absurd number of light tanks on there, along with a few mediums and even a couple of TDs. Any updates on those guys? (I'm personally most interested in the Object 416 and the Uralmash-1 TD....)
A: 1. We are going to announce all revised tech tree soon, in 1-2 weeks I think. Going to provide a complete breakdown of how all the changes will be handled.
2. Currently working on so-called roadmap that is going to comprise all events and planned changes to the game available for players.

Q: Do you have any plans on combining both the NA server and the EU server?
I vaguely recall reading something about that but I can't find it.
A: Depends on what you mean exactly, these 2 will be treated separately, but we are planning to introduce roaming feature. It will allow players log in to the non-primary server.

Q: As we are fast approaching the end of April, is there a revised ETA for 0.6.4?
A: My personal estimation is mid May, however this is a piece of internal information.

Q: Well not to be a stickler or anything but the original date was release lol, Kinda getting bored with the game time to release some new content! Most of the players feel the same way.
How about clan wars is that with 6.4 or no?
A: They will come almost simultaneously, we would like to release an expanded version of Global map with more provinces than we have on Russian server at the moment. Mid May should be rather firm date.

Q: Is the AP shell penetration drop per distance traveled of same % for all guns/shells or depends from gun to gun?
Example does AP 88mm shell after 400 meters drops 25% of its penetration and 122mm shell after 400 meters 25% of its penetration.
- Is it same for all guns or do they defer?
- If they defer can you give us an example?
- If they are same , why are they same and do you intend to implement deferent percentage drops for high velocity and slow velocity guns and when?
Why does 88mml56 has limited range ( cant shoot more then ~550 meters with AP ammo )?
- Any changes planned for that and if , when?
Can we see battle statistics for 3001p German tanks across all three servers?
- Are you considering improving this vehicle?
- If yes , can we get an example and when to expect them?
A: AP shell penetration drop per distance depends on a gun. Cannot give you example right now. Don't have numbers by the side.
Two reasons:
- balance issues,
- long distance shell projectiles are not free (they consume some hardware resources) and we don't want them to exist for a longer period, small range (<400 m) shells are almost free.
I'm not sure if I can disclose vehicle statistics.

Q: Are there any chance for getting a "in battle" and "afk" symbol next to our name in clan/contacts list instead of just a green circle? Hope it doesn't sound to much of an suggestion.
A: We are planning to implement these statuses in 7.0. No dates.

Q:I know you plan to change the fire extinguisher mechanic, but do you intend to do anything against the get-killed-by-shot-that-sets-you-on-fire and loose a fire extinguisher after you're dead?
With the new non-premium I don't see that happening, but it still might happen to a premium one, and loosing 50g without the damn thing even firing in-game is a waste.
Maybe some way of in-battle toggling on the 0.5sec standby ON/OFF?
What about making driver move from his position and help with reloading of gun, or shutting down the engine for additional camouflage? Ofcorse there would be time penalty of starting the engine/restoring driver again.
A: It's pissing me off too. "get-killed-by-shot-that-sets-you-on-fire and loose a fire extinguisher" won't happen in 6.4. You'll get damage from hit, than damage from first tick of the fire, than fire extinguisher will cease fire.

Q: When You'll balance repair costs for all nations - so far jerrys are far more expensive than ivans and if You compare quality its the other way around.
So, when we will see balance in thic case - 14k for tiger's repair = 14k for IS repair ?
And when medium tanks will be cheaper than heavies or at least similar ?
A: The whole game economy is under revision.
Repair costs depend greatly on the amount of tank hit points and module hit points.

Q:1. Euro tree - what tanks and when?
A: It will comprise tanks of different European nations (Swedish, Czech, Polish, etc).
After French, British, and Japanese tanks are added.

From the Eastern Front
Q: Are there plans to create battle mode with wagers?
A: Nothing like that in the plans.

Q: In order to better understand the mechanics of visibility, I'd like to know which tank has 100% visibility (without net and crew experience)? If there are several - just name one so it would be more clear when comparing different tanks.
A: There are no tanks with 100% visibility. If I remember correctly SU-14 has 95%.

Q: Are you planning to introduce a rangefinder for the aim reticule which measures distance to other solid objects (stones, houses, trees) except tanks?
A: No due to technical reasons.

Q: Are you planning to expand types of available ammo in the future? Because the same gun could shoot piercing and cumulative and other times of projectiles. If yes, what is the priority on it?
A: It's in the plans

Q: Way back in the CBT we had 30vs30 battles. Are you continuing the work to increase the number of tanks in the battles?
A: We are working on it, but it is not expected anytime soon.

Q: A bit silly question, are you planning to implement possibility for tanks to sound the horn and signal with lights?  Sometimes you need to bring attention of teammates that they are doing something idiotic like blocking movement, but you don't want to waste time on typing it in chat.
A: A horn will be introduced. For gold. There are some concerns about spamming the horn, so need to figure it out first. One idea is to tie it to the radio module - you abuse the horn, your radio will get damaged. Or something like that.

Q: What about "company vs random" mode?
A: So far we will not have it.

Q: Dear devs, have you noticed the following problem?
In the SPG howitzer mode the function binded to the RMB is not working.
A: This will be fixed, but for now try not to bind any functions on RMB.

1. Are you planning to increase number of players in a platoon to at least 5?
2. Are you planning to introduce writings on tanks in this year?
Will the players be able to come up with their own slogans?(just ban people for things like "F*%$ you all!!!")
1. No
2. Yes. First stage - chose pre-made slogans from the list. And then, maybe, we will allow adding custom writings. But this option will be very expensive since pre-moderation costs us.

Q: I've read today that with the introduction of a new patch, the maximum video settings on the 32-bit systems will not exceed medium quality. Could you explain this.
A: Graphics are made with considering technical possibilities of rendering in 32-bit systems. With change in render - we'll remove the limitations.

From the Front Lines
Nations Review by Diastant
German Tanks: These monsters were created by German engineers and scientists during the Second World War. Following World War 1, Germany was banned from making anything military-related but under a secret program they developed fast, light tanks, which fit in with their Blitzkrieg tactics. Proving successful, they continued to develop tanks once they entered World War 2 and they were engineering masterpieces of their time. Some of the more famous German tanks included the Panther Medium Tank, the Tiger I and Tiger II heavy tanks, as well has superior tank destroyers. They were a little too advanced, as their armor was tremendous and the engines were under-powered and the transmission often broke down. (Poor gas mileage and gear failings). They influenced tank design forever though.

Soviet Tanks: Soviet designers focused on speed and firepower, as well as sloped armor, and while their weaknesses are hard to show, they do have weaknesses. In the earlier tiers you will find yourself with extremely low armor, but you usually have a nice gun and average mobility. The Soviets concentrated on Firepower and Mobility, leaving armor to be sloped for protection. They had very versatile heavy tanks, although most weren't used in World War II, with the IS-7 being developed in 1948. The most legendary Soviet tank that most of you know is the T-34 medium tank. It combined sloped armor with a good speed and a really nice gun to make a perfect balance. Plus, they were made in 30,000+ numbers, which far out-whelmed the Germans.

American Tanks: Although American wasn't known for it's legendary tanks in World War II, it did have the M-4 Sherman Medium Tank. It had 2 inches of frontal armor, and a good engine, and it's 75mm gun was good enough to penetrate the rear of German tanks. They did influence future American designs though. They had a nice balance of firepower and mobility, only sometimes lacking in good armor for protection. German crews called the M-3 Lee the "6-man coffin" and the Sherman as well, because of their tendency to burst into flames when hit in the engine.

Full Review:

From the Diplomacy Department
Massive Online Gamer has opened a World of Tanks Screenshot Contest
Submit your World of Tanks screenshot by June 15, 2011 for a chance to win a FREE premium account and other great prizes!

From the Propaganda Department
Video of the weekWorld of Tanks Promo by saviourangel

Tank Skins of the week:
Drongo - M4A3E8 Sherman - Post - Direct link
Posted Image

Kubana - T-30 Hannibal II - Post - Direct link
Posted Image

From the Editors
If you are interested in helping with the newsletter, please contact Mediahead

This issue of the Newsletter is brought to you by the Moderating Team and the letter T
Special thanks to Diastant for providing us with this week's review.

DJ18 #2 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 05:52


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No news on American TD's.....

Sigh what a disappointment.  :(

leonidesalinas #3 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 07:33

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i want to know what the re-adjustment for the tiger 2 was...

Danylu #4 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 12:16

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I like the T30 skin, some subtle but nice touches :)

_Dia_ #5 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 12:25


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Agreed Danylu. I especially love the Sherman skin, very pretty and realistic, kudos to the author.

On the other hand, I like the simpler format of the newsletter. Great job Siberian.

jdtherocker #6 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 13:26


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very impressed by how fast we got another one out in the community let me just say, fake tip of next week: if two kvs smash into each other the force is great enough to create a black in which chuck norris will come out of and fight for your team.

F34rmen00bz #7 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 16:13


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Great job Siberia! Not as pretty as Vic's but there is a lot more stuff on it.


Edit: Can you put a link to the historical battles please? Vic had that.

Shigure #8 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 17:10

    Staff sergeant

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Well done newsletter.

But I have to lodge a formal complaint against that promo video they but out. They used two of my favorite songs from Two Steps from Hell on a video like that? Really?! Go back to the action shots we're used to...then you can use music like that.

manasi #9 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 17:45


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Excellent job folks.  Concise, clear, distillation of needed information!  I could not ask for anything else to BE in a newsletter!

Drseckzytime #10 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 19:06


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Nice list right there.  I would like a more comprehensive discussion on the balancing that's happening with the tanks and the spotting system if possible.  Can't wait for this patch, need it direly.  Good job guys.

Lou #11 Posted Apr 29 2011 - 19:27


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Another nice job on the newsletter, thanks!
Eagerly awaiting the patch myself

xen3000 #12 Posted Apr 30 2011 - 01:32

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View PostSiberianExpress, on Apr 29 2011 - 05:21, said:

v. - v.

- Changed the amount of HP of anti-tank hedgehogs

:blink:  :blink:  :blink:  :blink:


SiberianExpress #13 Posted Apr 30 2011 - 01:55

    Wargaming America

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View Postxen3000, on Apr 30 2011 - 01:32, said:

:blink:  :blink:  :blink:  :blink:

Czech Hedgehog

xen3000 #14 Posted Apr 30 2011 - 02:04

    Staff sergeant

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View PostSiberianExpress, on Apr 30 2011 - 01:55, said:

LOL! I'm an idiot.  :lol: Those are being added to the middle of Komarin, right?

Great work on the newsletter!  :Smile_honoring:

F34rmen00bz #15 Posted Apr 30 2011 - 02:45


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- T1 Cunningham: Added 20mm automatic cannon.


Zulnex #16 Posted Apr 30 2011 - 06:05

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Interesting read. Thank you very much SiberianExpress. :Smile_honoring:

BlacKHeaDSg1 #17 Posted Apr 30 2011 - 14:47


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So, no camo bonus for M3 Lee :( Im sad.

heugan #18 Posted May 01 2011 - 18:50

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exclent job Siberian :)

CrazyDave #19 Posted May 02 2011 - 10:23


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will you be bringing in the British Centurion Tank?

Dinbatu #20 Posted May 02 2011 - 10:56

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View PostCrazyDave, on May 02 2011 - 10:23, said:

will you be bringing in the British Centurion Tank?
I dont think they will release British tanks this year since they working on the new tech tree and french tank first.

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