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The Cunning Matryoshka

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jandraelune #201 Posted May 02 2011 - 06:00

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It was over in an hour after it started.  They really need to open the number of winners for these things.  Really 4-15 people out of 20,000 even get any thing, thats like 0.5-1% of the population get a chance.

Bump_In_Uglies #202 Posted May 02 2011 - 06:03


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Are you so sure? I won 2500 gold from the easter event and I submitted stuff around noon CST and everyone was claiming the same thing.

georthar21 #203 Posted May 02 2011 - 07:33


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Crappy quest! only for some premium players!!!  :angry: How do we supposed to know all this stuff? I'll never worked for a Soviet or a Nazi factory!! One thing i want to know... Explain at least how do we suppose to write down the models... capital letters? Photo Quest For Few PQFF

ZKaiZ #204 Posted May 02 2011 - 08:02


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2 more hours till they announce the winners :P, Good luck all  :Smile_great:

PaladinX #205 Posted May 02 2011 - 08:09


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The thing about this contest is: dun give up

They have the questionnaire at the end to test which people really knows the answer and which is die trying. So i think everyone has a chance.

SHARKMEAT #206 Posted May 02 2011 - 08:40


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View Postdeathfrost, on May 01 2011 - 10:34, said:

i already solve the 2nd rar..but the third one i could not understand..its too general
Heck I couldn't understand the whole thing starting with the name LOL....I just buy my 10.000 gold when I need it ;)

AIIen #207 Posted May 02 2011 - 10:28


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I like it that they run contests like this! :)

Persia #208 Posted May 02 2011 - 11:48


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I am not trying to give anybody any illegal hint, just want to share my excitement.

It was absolutely one of the best moments of my life when each time the password i tried worked!

Solving the puzzle just needs some patience, in my case i could solve all the steps in 5 hours. I am a puzzle designer myself, i know once an step is solved you will know how easy the answer was.

for solving step 2, i analyzed the image in image processors for any hidden hints in the image due to curve adjustments. but that didn't work. I tried to find anything stupid in the image, which i found at a glance. Those stupid hints didn't work by their own, but after banging my head to the wall for more than one hour, suddenly converting the hint into a new format, got the next .rar file opened. After solving the whole puzzles i found this step has two main solutions, and i had tried the hardest solution for it.

Step 3, is absolutely one of the best puzzle designs i have ever seen. Linking two unrelated hints to get the answer, perfectly designed, i am so excited about it, weldone.

for solving the step 4, i had to search the web for over two hours. I had to compare the images side by side, then suddenly i found a common point in the two faces.

Other steps are very easy if you could have solved earlier steps.

Even if i was too late to submit my answers, i am so happy to solve yet another super exciting puzzle, thank you.

Vallter #209 Posted May 02 2011 - 12:27


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The contest has ended. The winners will be announced in the following hours.

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