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Magic Pill Tank Alert

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Lifetorch #1 Posted May 22 2014 - 23:20


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The Newcomer's Forum is full of the question of which tank should I get as a newcomer. I feel your pain as I remember when I was new to the game noting that this tank or that tank seemed to do the best in games and when I got that tank that was to be the answers to my win-loss issue, it wasn't. The reason is that there is no magic pill tanks. All tanks are good; all tanks are bad. There may be a few tanks that seem to be better, but they really aren't that much better and if you don't correct your real issue, it will just lead to disappointment. I generally give the advice to avoid tanks like: T-18, KV-1, Pz 1c, etc. Play tanks like: M3 Lee, D1, Cruiser 1.


Why? I have 2 reasons: play bad in a "bad" tank, nobody cares; play bad in a good tank, everyone condemns you; and, for personal reasons, I learned this playing an M3 Lee. I originally got the Lee to get to the M4 Sherman (an OP tank). I did horrible in it. My win rate after about 50 games was around 30% in the Lee and my conclusion was that it was just a horrible tank. I stopped playing it and tried a different route to a "decent" tank. I came back to the Lee because "everyone" said it was unplayable, yet surprisingly, I saw players who were leading the xp chart on winning teams with Lees. I learned to play the tank and moved my win rate from the low 30s to over 50%. When I finally ditched the Lee, it was mainly because I got tired of it's limitations (like the non-turreted gun), not because it was a tank I could not win in.


Winning I find is more of an attitude mixed with lessons learned. Lessons needed to learn: how camoflage works, penetration numbers, role in a given situation (which may be different from the norm), being aggressive without being stupid, etc. Attitude is important too. Look at the order of battle before the match and determine how your tank can best help rather than bemoaning being a tier 4 tank in a tier 6 match. Although XVM keeps some interesting and educational stats, it does not determine who wins (a 20% chance to win still means you win 1 out of 5) so don't give up. Working with what you have is much, much better than pining for what you don't have.


Edit: There were paragraphs, just no lines between them, sorry.

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Fishrokk #2 Posted May 23 2014 - 00:08


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OP posts, and moves on.


OP, I *think* I get what you're saying, and there's a nugget in there that is important to communicate to new players.  Your post is hard to read because you have not used any paragraphs to break it up visually.  Additionally, it is not very clearly written.  (No negs assigned, I'm just sayin')  I hope you don't mind I'm going to take a swing at putting it another way.


I'll put this where it should go - TL:DR, No matter how hard you find it to fight against a tank, no tank is 'easy mode' once you have it in your own garage.  Be ready for the experience.


New Players:  This comes in the form of a story.  Back when I was climbing through tier 4 up into tier 5 and eyeing tier 6, I kept running into this one tank - the VK 36.01 (H) (it was written differently back then, it was also a medium tank at the time).  Every time I would go up against one, I would get wrecked and the other driver would just drive away.  I could hear them laughing at me.


I thought to myself that this was the tank I must have.  Once I got that tank, I would be God of Tanks, bounce every shot fired at me and kill all that I ran across!  I immediately started up the line that led to the VK 36.01 (H).  It took me months to grind my way up to the tank, and the whole way I kept getting wrecked by them at every turn.  Didn't matter what tank I drove, or how I drove it.


I finally got one, equipped it as well as I could, and retrained a crew into it.  When I started driving it, I was getting wrecked left and right!  Well, first, I was getting matched into higher tier games.  That was one adjustment that I had to make.  But only after I got the tank and drove it, did I begin to learn it's weaknesses (even after reading up on it all that I could find - but to be fair, it didn't really have any stand out weaknesses back then).  Once I learned how to drive it to minimize it's weaknesses, I began contributing with it more no matter what tier battle I loaded into.  Another thing also happened - I started to do better against them when I ran into them on the red team.  I quickly reached the point where I was no longer any more afraid of running into one of them than any other tank on the field, no matter what I was driving.  (Then WG made it a heavy and some other stuff, and now it's just a sad shadow of it's former self, but I digress.)  


Until I had one, though, my impression was that they just rolled up to me, shot me in the face 'til I was dead, then drove merrily away.  So when I first got one, that was what I was expecting out of it.

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