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M1 Abrams Track Throwing

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Lynnette_JJW #101 Posted May 15 2018 - 05:42

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iv heard alot of things about the M1. specifically alot more then i hear about its friends, the Leo, Lech, Merv, or K2. or its enemys the T-90, the Type-99, or the Arjun (soon to be ally). 


its nice to dig in deep about the flaws of a tank so you know which one has the larger list.

then countering (scratching off) anything that can be turned into a positive. such as the M1A1 and up being able to burn anything from Jet Fuel to Nail Polish remover for fuel. which is true.


but what i dont quite see. is people making positive sides of tanks. mostly because they all have the same positives. but that is not true at all.

for example. the Japanese Type-10 and the Korean K2 has a function that most tanks dont have. and that is a "lean" function. which allows the tank to literally lean the tank's front, rear, or sides. or the entire thing up or down from its set position with hydraulic shocks. this can help for many different things like adjusting fire angles or sloping armor a specific way. or getting your gun depression where it needs to be.


Another thing i found out about the M1A2. when i worked in the 17th Armored Engineer Battalion. is that apparently. the M1A2 is able to power a few of its track guide wheels. this was implemented to allow the M1 to at-least limp out of the way of a lane or combat in general. slow. but works. 

Or that the M1 doesnt always use heavy air intake. only when it is turned on to start the engine does it suck in lots of air. it does get hot and blow air. but it switches to electric system rather then conventional turbine air intake to make its run. i thought the M1A2 would have been dead if it was submerged because of this. apparently not. it would go out like any other engine. also less so now that the M1A3 is getting fiber-optic wiring. 

Though the M1A3 is still a ways away. the US is making an M1A2SEPIV first. will be available by 2020, and will finally be implementing the M829KEW-X munition. a 10kg projectile thrown at 1740m/s able to defeat the armor and ERA on the T-14. even though the test could calculate that the munition could go in one side of a T-90MS and out the other. i didnt have any doubts. 

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