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[9.2] TheMightyJingles voice mod pack

jingles TheMightyJingles voice mod pack

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Leathersword #1 Posted Jun 16 2014 - 03:28


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Hi Jingles fans (and others), this is my voice pack mod staring the one, the only, TheMightyJingles!

I don't know where else to put this so I will put it here where people can see it easily:
I am more than willing to make an "Official" Jingles voice mod for all. One that is voiced directly by Jingles so it actually sounds like Jingles is in your tank with you. (Cutting audio from his many YouTube videos can only get you so far.) If you are interested, let me know. The more people who show support, the more likely it is for Jingles to do this.

Don't push him, or spam him with messages about this. If he wants to do this he will tell us of his own accord.


Now back to this mod.


Given that this is a voice mod, here is a sample of the mod in action. Have a listen:

NOTE: I have shortened the quote at the beginning a bit and fixed the distortion a little in the new update.

(I will upload a new video that reflects this change very soon.)

Isn't there a mod like this already?

Yes, there is, on the EU server forums Clicky I just felt that us NA fans deserved our own version of the mod. And options never hurt anyone. Also, after using Max_Scrotes mod for a while, the soft audio started to annoy me. (Not saying Max_Scrotes and his team did a bad job, I love his mod.)

An Apology

To all the fans (including myself) who wanted Jingles to say special things when shooting at arty, killing arty, one-shoting someone with the ISU-152's BL-10 gun, ammo-racking someone, etc.
Unfortunately, due to how World of Tanks handles audio, I can't add audio to custom actions like these. I can only change audio for the actions that Wargaming has made. (If someone figures out how to get around this I will implement it immediately.)
Until then, sorry. :sad:

A Second Apology

No one in modding community has of yet found out how to make a voice mod for specific nationalities. Until someone does I can't make Jingles's voice replace the British voices.

Also due to this same problem, this mod and any others that change voices will break the nationalities so you can no longer switch back and forth between Standard and National in the settings. But let's face it, if you are downloading this mod you want to hear Jingles all the time.


While I am sure the majority of people know how to mod their World of Tanks with their eyes closed, I am also sure that there are people who still need help. Therefore, I have tried to make the process as easy as possible.
The linked download contains the directory for the location of where the files should go.

NOTE: I have had to change the install instructions because the previous ones were wrong (made so either by the 9.1 patch or me just being an idiot)


If you have never modded your Wot client before, you have to take the "audio" folder from your "res" folder inside the main World of Tanks folder and paste it into the "0.9.1" folder in the "res_mods" folder. Then you have to take the "audio" folder from the download and paste it in the same place as above. Say yes to folder merge and overwrite. Done!


If you have modded your World of Tanks audio before, but haven't changed the in game audio do the same thing. (Yes to folder merge and overwrite.) Simple!


Now if you have modded you World of Tanks and changed the in game voices... oh right, you guys know what you are doing. Never mind.


If, for whatever reason, you want to remove my mod (don't worry I won't be sad *sniff* much) simply remove the files you installed.


NOTE: For those who don't know: if you install this mod in patch 9.0 and then update to Wot patch 9.1 and you want to remove the mod, you don't have to remove any files or folders. Wot ignores the previous version files in the "res_mods" folder. That is why using the correct version folder for your current version is so important.


For people who have never modded World of Tanks (except for this mod) simply delete the "audio" folder inside the "0.9.1" folder inside the "res_mods" folder. Simplicity itself!


For people who have modded their World of Tanks audio there are a few more steps, but don't worry.

Go to your main Wot folder and then to the "res" folder. Inside that, open the "audio" folder and scroll
down, down, down till you find a file called "ingame_voices.fev" copy COPY COPY!! this file and paste it in the "audio" folder in the appropriate version folder in the "res_mods" folder. Overwrite when it asks. Lastly, while you are still in the "audio" folder (inside the "res_mods" folder) scroll down till you find a file called "ingame_voice.fsb" right click and delete it.


NOTE: The "res" folder acts as a backup for Wot it contains the originals of lots of different files including audio.

Never NEVER NEVER EVER mess with the "res" folder, doing so will require you to re-download the Wot client.


NOTE ABOUT THE NOTE: For those curious people, anything you put in the "res_mods" folder "overwrites" files in the "res" folder when the game loads. This is great for modders and users
since you can test and play the game without having to back up all the game files. (Thanks Wargaming!)

The Download Link

Oh right, almost forgot, you still need the mod.

Version 0.1.5:


Version 0.1.5

  • Added support for 9.2 and shortened the super long quote (the one heard at the beginning of the sample video).

Version 0.1.4

  • Added a few new sound bites from Jingle's more recent videos. Now you can hear him say famous quotes like: "Yeah you like that don't you b****"

Version 0.1.3

  • Added support for World of Tanks 9.1 patch

Version 0.1.2

  • Fiddled around with the audio some more. Fixed some sound bites that were especially soft.

Version 0.1.1

  • Reduced the volume level to fix the voice distortion.


Version 0.1.0

  • Original file



Before anyone asks, Yes Jingles is completely hunkydory with this mod and all mods like it. See the third post in the EU voice mod's forum page:http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/323490-unofficial-jingles-voice-mod-91-now-with-6th-sense/

Also, please don't take this mod and upload it again without my permission. It took a fair amount of time to teach myself how to mod Wot's audio, collect all the sound bites and finally make the mod.

Most importantly:


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Lord_Sunder1337 #2 Posted Jun 16 2014 - 03:51


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My thoughts : voice volume is too high. It distorts his voice quite a bit..you may want to turn that down a touch. When the enemy tank was lit on fire he didn't say anything at all about lighting em up...he's on fire.nothing of that sort. Other than that it was pretty good. A +1 for you in support of a Jingles direct sound mod.

Leathersword #3 Posted Jun 16 2014 - 06:13


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View PostLord_Sunder1337, on Jun 16 2014 - 04:51, said:

My thoughts : voice volume is too high. It distorts his voice quite a bit..you may want to turn that down a touch. When the enemy tank was lit on fire he didn't say anything at all about lighting em up...he's on fire.nothing of that sort. Other than that it was pretty good. A +1 for you in support of a Jingles direct sound mod.

Thanks for you thoughts and support. I completely agree about the voice volume being too high, however if I turn it down much lower it will be drowned out by the other sounds in the game. Also, in the video, I had the in game voice volume at maximum so turning down the in game volume might fix the problem. Your comment about there being no quotes about fires stumped me until I rewatched the video. The reason why there was no fire quote was because of how fast the crusader's gun fires and because there was a slightly longer than normal quote right before the fire. These two factors combined to make the game skip that audio segment so it could catch up. At least, that is my explanation for it because I for sure programmed fire quotes. I think I will upload a new video that shows off the mod better. The video was literally the last thing I did.

God this reply is long, I apologize.

Thanks again for your comment.

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