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knifefighting arty

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_Dia_ #21 Posted May 09 2011 - 23:23


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The only scenarios where you are ever going to use direct-fire is either in a city map where the overhead is useless, a last-ditch effort, and if you are behind a person, like 3 meters away. Then you can use DF.

1. Set cruise control to "find target".
2. Set up behind their back.
3. Set your aim on the back, preferably the engine.
4. Fire.
5. Profit.

Bullwinklle #22 Posted May 10 2011 - 10:14


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Now I only have a grille as my highest arty, but on the city maps (himmelsdorf) I roll direct fire, best round I had 4 kills and heavily damaged 2 more, the whole time peeing my self because I was laughing so hard, direct fire arty is a bit of a dice roll but rather fun ;)

Sadukar09 #23 Posted May 10 2011 - 12:55


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Yesterday I had my team rushed over the hill over the valley side on Lakeville, of course they all got tore to pieces. Nobody covered the middle, I was the only guy left in base with a Hummel. I took out a M7 (Missed TWICE on him!), KV, KV-1S, and a Hetzer that was capping base with close fire. What I do suggest now is to autoaim and wait a second or so so the reticule gets a little bit smaller, else get as close as you can. If you think you can survive a shot while waiting for the reticule to be smaller, do it.

focuslight #24 Posted May 10 2011 - 13:06


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I would say use DF only as last resort.  As you go up the tiers, DF become more and more irrelevant, mostly due to the extremely long reload time, but also higher hp of enemy tanks.  Every map has arty fire lanes, even himmeldorf.  Learn them and use them even in low tier battle.  That way when you do get to the high tier, you will know where to sit and where to aim.  I would say that all tier 6 and 7 arty are a waste of time if you go looking to DF, even the GW-P, they are much more valuable when they are lobbing loltractors at IS-7s.

Valkeiper #25 Posted May 11 2011 - 22:42


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View PostKilljoyCutter, on May 09 2011 - 22:04, said:

Indeed.  If people want fire support, they need to keep the enemy off you.  

I've lost track of the number of games in which enemy fast-movers are allowed to get into the rear area before I even have a chance to set up.  What is so hard for people about keeping the enemy off the arty and the base for just a few minutes, even?

it's called arty hate.

Spartanspearman #26 Posted May 11 2011 - 22:58


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I try to never go into direct fire mode, I usually stick myself in a bush and don't fire at all if the other team caps. I rather not waste credits on wasted ammo and a broken SPG. <_< Thats why I usually make a TD defend me so atleast I have a chance.

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