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My Little Pony Skin (and Mod) Depository

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Fr0stb0lt #5461 Posted Dec 03 2014 - 11:57

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Nice work Hazard!

Scorpiany #5462 Posted Yesterday, 06:00 AM


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View Posthazard747, on Nov 21 2014 - 23:00, said:

Hey, remember when I said I wouldn't make a vinyl scratch skin for a long time?



I lied.



Introducing  Nightmare Pon-3 (or DJ Nightmar-3, whichever you prefer)


Not bent on eternal night, this nightmare would rather have an eternal rave, and her  tank is powered by the bass.

No, I don't know why the music gets louder in the middle.  probably an error during production.


Note: due to varying lighting conditions, some maps will show this tank differently than others. (the headlamp is barely visible on prokorovka and the neon trim doesn't glow as much, for instance)


An alternate base skin is included(marked as clansafe in the .zip). it removes the upper hull artwork as to not conflict with clan symbols. (there is no conflict in the video because that's an IS-3. :P ) Also, should you wish to have a standard turret (without all lights), simply delete/move the files containing "turret" in the subfolders of the normal folder. This will also remove the glowing "t110E4" from the sides.


Download the skin here. All extra DDS (save for the alternate) files are necessary for the lights, so don't delete them!







How do I install the mod after I've downloaded the RAR file? Which folder do I place it in? I presume vehicles > American > T110E4?

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RainbowWulf #5463 Posted Yesterday, 12:36 PM


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Makes me want to go down the E4 line now instead of the Obj. 268 ._.

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