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When to cap and when not to

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Crucis #21 Posted Jul 01 2014 - 21:20


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View PostN00berwaffles, on Jul 01 2014 - 14:02, said:

agree wholeheartedly.


A big part of the game is making the enemy react to you rather than you reacting to the enemy. (Fighter Pilots call it "inside the OODA Loop")

A good proximity scout hiding behind a rock forces the enemy to take him out before they can advance, holding a position that fires at the sides of tanks makes them move. If I die and I can reasonbly expect that the enemy team is saying "somebody PLEASE killl that guy" it's a good death.


I would add another trick. One thing I've done in the past is when you are in a position to cap with several tanks, wait and put three on the cap at the same time. It gives the enemy even less time to react because the cap is already going at the fastest rate when the find out you are there.



I agree with this, though with a slightly different spin.  The way I'd look at it, it's not quite as much that you are trying to give him less time to react, though that is true.  What you're doing is putting a lot more PRESSURE on the enemy team to react immediately.  When you only put on tank on cap, yes the enemy will need to react, but they have time and can do with with only limited time pressure (depending on the situation, of course).  But with 3 guys jumping on cap, the pressure on them to react instantly can force them to send tanks back for resets in a less organized manner, giving your capping guys a chance to pick them off one by one.


And whether you actually cap out may not even matter.  If it's a close game and you force the enemy to split his forces to get resets, you may weaken the enemy forces engaging your forces elsewhere, giving them a better chance to defeat the now split up enemy forces.  And even if they did get resets, if you forced them to divide their forces in a way that allow your team to defeat the enemy more easily, it was still worth the effort, since you put pressure on the enemy. 

PCWARLORD #22 Posted Jul 01 2014 - 22:57


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View PostLert, on Jul 01 2014 - 10:25, said:

It wouldn't be. That's why I'm still sad Garbad was banned. Love him or hate him, his threads were never boring.

Glad someone finally came out and said it. I miss Garbad and his posts also. He brought up some interesting ideas and most of the time did it in a civil manner. I've read much worse from some that are still on here that are far more abusive and far less in content.  I also agree totally with the premise you put out about capping. Stay tanking my friend!

IMA_RANDOM_BAD_PLAYER_GG #23 Posted Jul 01 2014 - 23:03


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you only cap if the score is 11/11 or 12/12 and 5 minutes to go.

Tazilon #24 Posted Jul 01 2014 - 23:53


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You need to erase your last line Lert.  There are plenty of times where you DO cap to win.


1) You cap to force a reaction by the enemy.  When you do this this, don't make it a suicide cap.  Move to a defensible position or totally away once the desired reaction is obtained.


2) You cap to win when capping will produce a win faster than killing or when you are outnumbered and they won't be able to react in time to stop you.

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Firestorm_Delta #25 Posted Jul 02 2014 - 00:06

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Had a cap win in a game where I was about to roll back towards the base to try and kill the one enemy left, but someone said, "Get on cap." That single line made me look at what was left, and realize the only way to guarantee the win was a cap, and so we did, and so we won.

dmckay #26 Posted Jul 02 2014 - 14:47


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View PostCasual_Tanker, on Jul 01 2014 - 18:03, said:

you only cap if the score is 11/11 or 12/12 and 5 minutes to go.


xtc4 #27 Posted Jul 02 2014 - 15:52

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Newer players should take all of this advice to heart. Probably the most important factor that changed my win rate from yellow to light green was learning when not to cap. I can remember many times in my first 1000 games when I penetrated to the enemy's rear and had a choice: turn left and go be a sitting duck on cap, or turn right and attack the enemy tanks in the rear while they were distracted. Guess which choice made me the slightly above average player that I am today? I still have a lot to learn. But Lert and the rest of the guys are helping. Thanks.

RangerC_231 #28 Posted Jul 07 2014 - 03:05

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It's not rocket science. Cap when you are down in numbers and they are out of position. Cap when they have to come get you and your teammates can pick them off. Cap when it's you against one opponent and the opponent is a one shot kill and you have a good lane(s)  of fire. Cap when your team can't shoot and the opponents are out of position. Don't cap when they need to cap to win -- encounter, for example. Ambush them. And remember, you get points for capping as well as for inflicting damage.

gulden #29 Posted Jul 07 2014 - 05:12


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Whilst I agree with the sentiment of many expressed here on when to cap and when not to, I admit to being one of those who will jump onto the cap (if the opportunity presents itself) - even is there are 5 of us against 1 enemy player. And there is one reason why.. Because I've found you can't rely on your (public game) team to play well enough to ensure the win.


The number of times I was the last tank on my team and killed all the remaining tanks is too numerous for me to count. People spread out to kill the last tank and so can be taken out 1 by 1.. People rush in blindly - often with only a few HP looking to get the kill - and die with 1 hit. Reload, move a little bit.. wait for the next kill hungry victim. If they had decided to start to cap, I would have been forced to either act (if I thought there was a chance I could win) or sit there and accept defeat (and put up with the abuse from my own team of those who rushed out and died early in the game and then told the rest of the team we were noobs).


I've also been on teams where we had multiple tanks left against 1 or 2 enemy and had my team explode because they didn't think about how best to attack a single target.


I'm not saying that the OP is wrong (I happen to agree with him).. I'm just saying that sometimes, you can't take it for granted that your team will actually win without someone sitting on the cap because your team don't/cannot/won't/is incapable of actually working as a team when they expect an easy win (and all want the glory of 1 more kill). It's sad I know

Lionheart1917 #30 Posted Jul 08 2014 - 18:03


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This should go on Lert's series of guides, if it isn't already.

PSUAth #31 Posted Jul 09 2014 - 19:34

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if i'm sitting on cap (slow heavy tank?)  and enemy rushes our cap to get shotgunned by arty (2 v 1 at this point)  if i earned say 80 cap points, but game ended by the arty killing the last tank, do i get cap points?


another question


slow tank on cap here.  should i stay and cap for the win or try and retreat to "defend or kill all"?


is it worth it to spend another 30 seconds get a win, or fight another 2-5 minutes for an unknown outcome?  what about if it's a "guaranteed" win?  is it better to start a new battle with full health/items/ammo in 60 seconds than fight for possibly not much xp/credit return now?

NutrientibusMeaGallus #32 Posted Jul 09 2014 - 20:05


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The last sentence sums it up, not just for capping but gameplay in general. "Don't cap to win, rather instead cap to force the enemy to react."


You want to play to your advantage as often as you can, and take their advantage away as much as possible in every situation. 


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