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is this it?

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Will_of_Iron #1 Posted May 09 2011 - 23:47


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I have been really annoyed by getting owned by things I can't see or things I can't see seeing me and telling artillery to kill. Is that the "invisible tanks" issue I have had or is it me being bad?

Fazar #2 Posted May 09 2011 - 23:51


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People really seem to have a lot of issues with this.  In my experience there seems to be two factors to the situation you mentioned.  Bad Play, or bad Commander.

If you're a giant tank, firing your gun behind bushes, you're more likely to be seen than the low profile Tank Destroyers hidden entirely in a bush across the field.

Moving your tank, firing your gun, and not being entirely hidden in a bush makes you more visible.  The larger the tank, the harder it is to hide it.  New tanks are pretty bad if you don't have a good commander as you'll have very short sights.  It's good to have someone else spot for you if possible.

MajorPremise #3 Posted May 10 2011 - 00:03


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World of Tanks requires a special kind of play, you have to understand something of basic tank tactics and study the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents as well as the terrain of your battlefield. Like Fazar mentioned, movement, firing your gun or not being completely hidden can greatly increase your chances of being sited and shot and certain units have much higher visual range than others. TDs, for example. Artillery can also fire on you from beyond line of sight. Ways to keep yourself from getting shot include using things like buildings and rocks as well as dead tanks and even utilizing terrain features to go 'hull down' so only your turret is visible where you present a smaller target to the enemy. Slanting your front towards an opponent also angles your hull and increases the chance of a bounce or ricochet.

blakkmantis #4 Posted May 10 2011 - 00:05

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I want to know where I can buy one of these invisi tanks?  I've been having a lot of issues with this myself.

Spartanspearman #5 Posted May 10 2011 - 00:08


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I think people them selves turn invisible without even knowing it, wat I usually do is use an educated guess and shoot at wat I can't see. It's kind of like hiding and apple behind a sheet of paper for target practice. You can't see it, but you know generally where to aim.

Subbota #6 Posted May 10 2011 - 00:14

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All shrubbery should be viewed with extreme suspicion.

Methos911 #7 Posted May 10 2011 - 15:17

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From the Wiki:
# Bushes (approximately a 15% camouflage bonus), but the tank must be FULLY hidden -- see graphic on the wiki). Bushes have no effect if the enemy is closer than 50 meters, except for TDs. Possible exception: TDs may have a lower chance of being detected vs auto-detected below 50 meters. A bushes' hiding-effect begins after 3 seconds of non-movement.
# Moving (+20% increase to being spotted): moving faster or slower has no effect on the range you are detected at. Either you’re moving or you’re not moving.
# Firing your gun makes you between 5%-40% easier to detect for 5 seconds -- possibly, depending on the installed gun. NOTE: if a bush is more than 15 yds from you, and between you and all enemy spotters, then you will not be sighted because your muzzle flash is blocked by the bush. A bush next to you or that you are in will not hide you in the case of shooting (ok, it helps after 5 seconds). HINT: Behind the bush is better than inside it. It not only allows you to shoot and stay well-hidden, but also because enemy SPG will try to find you by first shooting inside the bush.

There is also a double shrubbery bonus. I have seen an explanation of double shrub bonus, but I can't find it at the moment. There is also a thread floating around that shows the camo bonuses of each tank in a graphical format. It is very helpful.

My TD is 100% crew, camo net and 100% camo training as well as ventilator. I have been accused of vanishing due to double/multi bush bonus before. That particular guy never stopped complaining.

The bush bonus works in reverse too. If I am hiding, and you are NOT moving. Guess what. You probably have the bush camo bonus too. Therefore, we don't see each other.

Ultramarine212 #8 Posted May 10 2011 - 15:32

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View PostWill_of_Iron, on May 09 2011 - 23:47, said:

I have been really annoyed by getting owned by things I can't see or things I can't see seeing me and telling artillery to kill. Is that the "invisible tanks" issue I have had or is it me being bad?

The Devs have stated that "Invisible" Tanks is being worked on. Do remember that you were probably spotted by a Hidden scout, which is why alot of invisible enemies shot at you, it happens.

hardicon #9 Posted May 10 2011 - 16:45


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I wish I had an invisible tanks, because when i get spotted i never get unspotted no matter how far back I run.  Invisible tanks dont exist, they are there, your commander just aint good enough to spot them.

go read the battle mechanics wiki page and learn the spotting system, or dont do it and go rage on the forums about invisible tanks.  some tanks can see farther than others, you can be spotted without ever spotting that tank, unless you get close enough, firing dont automatically reveal your position, so either get good at tracing back the shots, or keep moving till you get close enough to spot them.  I see way too many times, a person gets shot by a tank that hasnt been spotted, they stop, sit there for a few seconds, I have no idea what they hope to accomplish by this, then they move backwards, like moving away from the tank will suddenly make it show up, they give the td or tank time to reload and shoot them again, and again, till they are dead.  If you can see the tank but are getting shot, most likely he sees you, so backing up aint gonna change this fact, keep moving forward, you most likely will die but if you dont and spot the tank that is shooting you then your arty or friendly tanks can hopefully kill him for you.  If you just sit there or back up you are still going to die and it is just a free kill, shouldve just afked in the base.

Sierra1968 #10 Posted May 10 2011 - 17:28

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I've had my share of both in my TD's.  Sometimes I'm lighting someone up, and I see their turret rotating around trying to find me, as I finish them off (I LOVE the 76.2mm PaK39r on my Marder II).  I've also been sitting quietly in ambush, to all of the sudden getting blown up, from some unseen enemy, probably arty, but sometimes another tank.  It's a free game, so I hop in another TD, and fight another battle.  It's a fun game, and I'm not going to let a few technical glitches ruin my fun.  Oh, and I actually HAVE spent real money to buy gold too.

Hobbe #11 Posted May 10 2011 - 17:33


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Keep in mind that the patch is really only addressing two problems.
1 - They are adding more "hard spots" to each tank that the system uses to determine if you can see them.
(this prevents small objects from making a tank disappear)
2 - They are increasing the frequency of "spot checks" so that fast moving tanks won't get so close to you before being spotted.

Nothing else is changing.

I suggest you study the link on camoflage and learn to work with the system.

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