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Randomly being disconnected at the start of a battle

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PD4_Banana_Fish #41 Posted Jul 04 2014 - 06:53


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When I select West server it's ok.  The problem happens for me when I go NA East

Greykemp #42 Posted Jul 04 2014 - 16:57

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West Coast also has the problem. I have NO lag problems. fps is around 30-60 with ms in the 20-30 range. Still locks on the entry into battle screen. It pretty much HAS to be a server issue. Maybe the NA server farm lost it's air condidtioning and WoT doesn't care because it's not Russian Europe.





K_I_N_G_B_O_O_M #43 Posted Jul 04 2014 - 20:01


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Im having this problem too. yesterday there was a storm and thats when it started... this happened several times

Chimes #44 Posted Jul 04 2014 - 20:26


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Tried getting on West to see if I would have better luck there... Still having the same issue though..

tankerz325 #45 Posted Jul 04 2014 - 23:47


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Same issue for me, started last night right after CW's were done, in a game and all of a sudden all I could do was move the camera and hear sounds, no movement of my tank whatsoever. When it did finally come through, I was dead. 

I have done all that was ask in support and still no word from them. A mod posted a thread, http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/370415-lockouts-and-connection-interruptions/page__p__7423601, but I have yet to see a reply since in any other thread.

Guess they are as lost as we are......

Flagrum #46 Posted Jul 05 2014 - 23:34


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Look, something is up, either settings, graphics card or constant malware as well as other issues which I am not going to describe again.  Lets get one thing straight first.  YOU CANNOT, FIX, REPAIR, SECURE, OR ANYTHING A COMPUTER BY DOWNLOADING FREE SOFTWARE, ITS JUST NOT HOW IT REALLY IS, PERIOD, SO, READ BELOW.  AND NO, FREE FIREWALSL DON'T HELP MUCH, THEY JSUT DON'T, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR AS FAR AS CARS, SECURITY AND YES, EVEN WOMEN SOMTIMES.


Uninstall all software that might be effecting the game client in anyway shape or form.  Uninstall game client, re download game directly from the web site buttons, full reinstall of game client.  If that doesn't help then read below.


I happen to run a company that fixes such issues as what you are describing under the afore mentioned scenario.  However I cannot give you the information to my company directly over this forum because that is not an acceptable practice for those whom run the forum.  What I can do though is give you this link to my web site I built, no login, no registration, just plain cool music videos and you can post them at will.  If it so happens that you find my company info on this web site then that happens.  Vote4Vids.com


Good luck!

RedHunter_1 #47 Posted Jul 08 2014 - 22:19


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Yup, I get back into the battle and it's over since the average battle is only 3-5 minutes. Waste of my time WOT coders, all of our time. I demand refund on my Premium time I paid for. if not fixed in 1 hour or less.

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