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getting stuck

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User989 #1 Posted May 10 2011 - 03:57


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Bug #1 ok , I'm sure this will be worked out by the end of the beta testing, and maybe I'm the first person to notice this, but when move along side things like, a 1 inch high curb,or shallow little river bank, or tiny little rock. The tank will cease to obey normal commands of left/right, forward/back, and when you try to turn, instead the tank moves forward, and turns the opposite direction every half second instead of turning away from the curb, apparently they added grandma parallel park mode, which cannot be overridden, the resulting effect is, you have no control over your vehicle, and are basically stuck along the curb, which even grandma could at least smash her way out of.This needs to be fixed for obvious reasons. Hopefully by the end of beta... o wait.... well maybe before they fix the baby joseph sayer quest.

Bug number 2
Often when switchgin between view modes with shift, when zooming in, the view is way up into the sky, leaving you lost where to move, and getting you killed whem you could have ben firing. I'm sure this will also be fixed by the end of beta

Trecares #2 Posted May 10 2011 - 04:12


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I've never seen bug #1 like you described it, but some terrain objects can cause issues when trying to go over them, so it's best not to fool around like this. I think game thinks you could get stuck on it and stops you or makes you act strangely until it realizes you're not actually stuck.

However bug #2 isn't really so much a bug as a result of where your gun is pointing. People usually have this problem when they're up by a building or other object that is closer to them than the length of their gun barrel. If you switch to sniper mode then,  you will then be looking down the barrel which is pointed up in the air. The proper procedure is to switch to sniper mode, usually the widest view is sufficient then acquire your target through the object, then move out and shoot at it.

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