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Short Bus Snipers looking for another player.

WGLNA Open League Division B

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_Jdawgg #1 Posted Jul 12 2014 - 04:39

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Hello, I am soon to be the actual captain of the team Short Bus Snipers that currently plays out of the Open League in Division B. After tonight's battles (Friday July 11th) we will be in 3rd place in the overall standings. I have one for sure position on the team at this time, maybe two in the near future.


Essentially what I am looking for is someone who has at LEAST 2-3 preferred tanks according to the meta, those being:




-AMX 50 100

AMX 13 90

-IS-3 (IS-6 can work as well)

-Obj 416





I would prefer the crew has at least one skill with the commander having Sixth Sense. I know there are a few other tanks around that can somewhat work depending on the map your on, but this is just a base I am setting for people interested in joining the team.


As I said before, we are up near the top in the standings in Division B currently and we are looking to perform consistently then make it into the Bronze next season. 


For those that are interested in joining the team, the thing that I ask of you is that you are willing to show up to battle night and typically the practice nights. If you cannot make something I simply request a message in advance if at all possible. The battle times as always are Monday & Friday @ 9:30pm EST and 10:33pm EST. I prefer to practice Thursday & Sunday @ 9pm EST every week. If you can for the most part make it to battles and at least one practice I am willing to work with you.


If you are interested in the team, you can reply to this thread, or pm me. Either way I will respond.


Thank you for your time.


IMA_RANDOM_BAD_PLAYER_GG #2 Posted Jul 12 2014 - 04:41


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I got a KV-5 with 81.6 hit ratio after 2400 battles :P

Obj261 #3 Posted Jul 12 2014 - 04:56


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Good luck

TermsOfService #4 Posted Jul 12 2014 - 05:05


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Pick me pick me :D 






AMX 50 100

All with 6th sense and gud crews

_Jdawgg #5 Posted Jul 14 2014 - 02:41

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I thank people for their interest. I have now filled the vacant position. If another one free's up I will once again post.

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