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Visibility Mechanics in v.0.6.4

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Overlord #1 Posted May 11 2011 - 10:36


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v.0.6.4 update brings the following changes to visibility and spotting mechanics:

1. Added 2 new checkpoints for more credible visibility checks. These checkpoints are located on each side of the turret (see the drawing - Checkpoints 5 and 6). If the ray that goes from view range port to a visiblility checkpoint freely (terrain, objects), taking into account camouflage value of your tank, view range of the enemy tank, bushes effect, your tank is spotted by the enemy.

Posted Image

The rate of visibility checks is as follows:

    * within 50m range - every 0.1 sec
    * within 150m range - every 0.5 sec
    * within 270m range - every 1.0 sec
    * within 445m range (maximum indirect visibility range) - every 2.0 sec

2. A dynamic view range port was added to the place where gun joins turret. It changes its location during turret traverse. In general it works as static view range port. The two view range ports take turns, e.g. for 445 radius: at first works the port on commander's coppula, 2 sec later - the one on the gun, then - on the coppula, etc.

Posted Image

3. When the vehicle is firing it loses camouflage bonus from all bushes within 15m radius, barring the one that has the greatest invisibility coefficient. This applies to each ray that goes from view range port to a visiblility checkpoint of the firing vehicle.

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