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accepting an apoligy

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borderrat #21 Posted May 16 2011 - 23:02

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First I had seen.  Couple weeks before the wipe, 3 T57 SPGs on my team.  Time started all three started TKing.

They took out several before they were had.  Don't know if they were ever turned in or not.  Being new I didn't know

what to do.  

Did write down screen names though.  Swore if I ever saw them again it was payback.  Haven't seen them since though.

Maybe they have been banned.  Screen Names: S71, Y78, XOLA 1978.

Maybe just idiot kids.

stickjock #22 Posted May 16 2011 - 23:06


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Not saying anything borderrat... but you DO know that posting names like that is against the Forums rules right??  There's specific things you have to do to report TKer's... and public posting on the Forums is ranked #1 NOT to do...

Belgarath #23 Posted Jul 20 2011 - 01:57


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This happened to me a couple of times.  taking a shot and teammate gets in the way.  Said I was sorry as soon as it happened.  Other teammate started fireing on me and taking me out.  Ah well.  So much for sportsmanship.  I tried.

firefoxrj #24 Posted Jul 20 2011 - 07:58


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I was playing of artillery today and I ended up killing my player team accidentally with my artillery M7 Priest, and in the hour of the happened, him this showing the defense of the base that was a M6 that defended her together with a tank hunter, I made the shot and he began to rotate around of M6 and I ended up reaching he with the shot of the priest, with that apologizes for the happened, and he/she would like to know how long that punishment of player's killer will last.  
from without more questions

Optimus_Ares #25 Posted Jul 20 2011 - 16:38

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It was the correct thing to do: apologizing. In my world, that counts as correct sportsmanship and deserves a +1.

GL and HF. I'll see you on the battlefield.

Captain_Locke #26 Posted Jul 20 2011 - 17:00

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Personally, whenever I accidentally TK someone I make sure to give him a huge list of excuses since obviously it's not my fault. My favorite is 'The sun was in my eyes!' or 'My gun is inaccurate, I can't help it if my shot goes five feet to the left and hits your ammo rack!' or my all time favorite 'Stop being in front of me you ****ing ****sucker of a **** **** ************!'

All joking aside, if someone shoots me on accidental I usually don't care. If someone shoots me on accident and completely messes me up 'Had a KV track my patton.. right next to an is4' I get pissed, the worst thing you can do is make up excuses. Just say sorry and move on, it happens.

Deepeyes #27 Posted Jul 21 2011 - 03:59


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I've been tked and tked a few people. Weirdest TK was when I was following a very low health friendly medium tank in my t44 as we where flanking. I was scanning out to the side and didn't see that he had stopped. Rammed him up the rear and boom  :blink:. Apologized and lols were had.

Today was a weird one. Brawling against a KT in my IS3. He was on fire and very low percentage of health. My gun was still reloading so i figured I would just ram him and save myself taking another shot. I then suddenly exploded :blink:. Figured I just got shot by enemy arty or something. I only found out it was friendly arty that had killed me when he started going off and ranting and raving. To the point where he felt the need to message me out of game about it. The thing is I was the one that got killed?!?! The most vocal and angry TK incident I have received from another person is when I was the one TKed   :lol:  .

Most times people just forget about it and move on but there is a minority that needs to remember that this is just a game and grow up a little.

Faeded #28 Posted Jul 21 2011 - 16:13


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Artillery is the only thing to ever team kill me. And it happens a few times a month.

ezboy #29 Posted Jul 22 2011 - 16:05


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did it once while i was playing arty...it was an across the board shot and he drove into it a second after i fired...felt really bad and apologized...he should, however, have known that 3 arties were firing on the target he was after and not tried to ram the opponent...anyways does happen, apoligize and move on

hpat #30 Posted Jul 23 2011 - 06:31


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same thing has happens to me two or three times... I just invited them to a training room after battle... and quietly got out a bigger tank then theirs...and vented my frustration...yes they should just accept your Apology,,, i always do.

FeWolf #31 Posted Jul 23 2011 - 13:49


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I took out 2 teamates with SPG. first guy called for arty, I locked on, they decided that they were going to charge after I fired, by the time he rammed the target tank the round landed killing target and him, second team kill was, guy came over the hill as I fired, needless to say I took him out, in the end the game was a draw as I turned my SPG into a TD, taking out 3x tanks that way, the whole time they were being nasty to me. I told them I was sorry, but I could not help it as the player got into my firing arc in the last second.
I have been banned :o

KurganSPK #32 Posted Aug 04 2011 - 22:00


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Occasionally killing friendlies and being killed by same, particularly arty, is a necessary and realistic part of the game -- happened in real battles so why not here.

All you can do is say sorry and leave it at that.

I did lose my temper once and killed someone who was shooting me over and over simply because I said "this tank is fun" or something like that. Perhaps that's a no-no when at the top of the food chain but I'm still learning (and it was a low-tier match)....

And it's tempting to shoot the dorks that run into you when a match starts, but just let it go and don't sweat the small stuff ;-)

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