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KV-3 Tracks bugged

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mantose #1 Posted May 11 2011 - 22:08


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I dont know where to post this.

I drove a kv-3 in beta and now I have one again after beta. While I was in beta my kv-3 was tracked a normal amount of the time.But now after beta I have noticed my kv-3 is consantly tracked no matter what is shooting at me. I didnt really think much of it until I heard some other people complaining about it in game as well. I have driven a lot of different tanks and I have had problems with some but as soon as I upgrade the trcks it seems normal ... but not with the KV-3 ... I have the upgraded tracks and they are still perma-tracked when in a fire fight.

I wouldnt even bring it up if it was just once in a while .. maybe because people purposely are aiming at my tracks ... but it happens in every single engagement and my 100% crew takes forever to fix them. Then next shot will take the tracks out again.

Its probably too late to post this and uneeded since 6.4 will be out soon and the tracking system will be changed .. but I feel so aggravated I had too .. to feel a little better.

Sabertoothpython #2 Posted May 12 2011 - 11:53


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Ive noticed heavies are being nice and easy to track lately...

KV,KV-3, and IS tanks have all been tracked by the power of my m37 and m7 priest! (Also, my priest is bouncing shots from a sherman...)

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