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Research points on Valentine and Matilda

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kayjay #1 Posted May 11 2011 - 23:30


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My valentine and Matilda tanks now have a substantial number of research points but there is nothing to research with these as far as I can see.

These points are essentially useless ?

Dirg #2 Posted May 11 2011 - 23:35


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You can spend gold to convert it into free exp and use it that way however gold costs real money. Otherwise yes it is useless.

DeplorableYinzer #3 Posted May 11 2011 - 23:37


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Those tanks (as all premium tanks are) are "Elite Status" once you get them. It means that you can do one of about three things with the XP earned...

  • Use gold to convert the XP to "free XP";
  • Click on the "Accelerate Training" button above the tank crew to convert XP to faster training for your crew; or
  • Continue to accumulate XP and do nothing with it --- making it essentially useless.
I think those are the only options. The XP you have already earned will sit there unless you convert it I believe. I do not believe if you accelerate training now it will go back and convert previously earned XP into training acceleration.

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