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bestman22 #1 Posted May 12 2011 - 04:32


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Keep all three starter tanks when you start game... get to at least tier 3 before deciding on a certain nationality... germans pea shooters were the most annoying to get past but once you get a real cannon its much better

If you die in battle, immediately esc and exit battle... then use one of the other tanks to start a new battle, you still get your exp money from the dead tank when that battle ends.

Upgrade a tank fully before you decide it sucks... for instance T-28 every shot seemed to bounce off enemies armor until I finally got its big gun... now I love the tank!

In the depot button on top of your screen you can sell off unused equipment from when you upgrade your tanks items.

Until the patch tier 3 and 4 will suck unless you have certain tanks, and maxxed upgrades... even then some enemies you will do more damage waving than shooting... best you can do is try to blow off thier tracks or keep moving keeping them highlited so artillery can pick them off (you get money/exp for exposing enemies that other people then kill)

Whee #2 Posted May 12 2011 - 04:43


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Yes, I agree. Unless you don't want to spend too much time on a certain tank and instead heading for a faster route to get another tank beyond that tech level, you might want to consider not upgrading all equipments. You see, I was rather inpatient to get the KV, so I skipped the 85mm gun for the T-28 tank. Personally, I have no problem driving a medium tank that can excel very well in flanking with it's excellent speed and weapon, but I really wanted the KV. You don't need to upgrade everything for a certain tank, but do KNOW that, all tanks do have it's potential, so if you say, "Uhhh the M3 Lee sucks like #%^&", don't say that because the next time when you get owned by it, well chances are, your the one whos dumb folded.

See what you want first. If you feel that the tank you have currently is great, by all means keep it. I have a Marder II tank and it's a really great tank, able to penetrate all tanks, even tier 5s. I simply like the Marder II's big weapon and it's giant traverse gun (I believe the biggest horizontal turning without pivoting). But of course, the Hetzer and the Stug III are great tanks, but like I said, I personally really like playing Marder II. All my crew around nearly for that tank are 85% =P

armoredteapot #3 Posted May 12 2011 - 05:12


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great tips. hope the newcomers get to read them so they know what to expect. :Smile_honoring:

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