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unfocused close shots

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Rumbaugh #1 Posted May 13 2011 - 05:17

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don't believe the game is handling close, unfocused shots properly. At a certain distance, it doesn't matter if you're focused or not since the gun is going to fire in the general direction where it's pointed at and not deviate from that at close distances. have fired from 100' to 50' to almost point blank and unless the gunner is focused in on the target, it doesn't hit anything. That's understandable for long range shots. But close range doesn't need focusing at all. Now at extremely close range like right next to the target, yes it does hit unfocused. but just a little ways from that and I get nothing, not a bounce, not a hit in the ground, nothing.

Rexxie #2 Posted May 13 2011 - 05:21


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I like to pretend all cannons are made of rubber, and only stiffen as they focus. If you shoot one off unfocused, the rubber acts like a unmanned fire hose and spews its bullets in completely impossible directions.

Kinda like a...

Livewyr7 #3 Posted May 13 2011 - 05:27

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I agree that the dispersion circle should not be so large at close range. Example: M4 Sherman with derpgun running 45kph down a road (flat surface)..  dispersion on the derp gun is huge while moving, and doesn't get smaller when running close to something. I've had point blank shots go above a tank taller than me (like 3601) leaving my barrel at about a 20-30 degree deviation to fit the dispersion circle which is somehow the same size up close as it is far away.

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