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Adding and minnusing gold bullets...

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grimjoe #1 Posted May 13 2011 - 12:52


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Well im wondering if its intended ? hopefully not
I have removed my gold shells from all my tanks to stop my gold depleteing even when i dont use the shells.
The last tank i was takeing gold shells off i some how removed all the HE shells and added them in to the gold shells in 1 click
This wasnt so bad i though as i had not yet clicked the resuply button..
I was suprised after setting gold shells to 0 and HE back up that i had been charged the gold still after resupplying...

Yamaxanadu #2 Posted May 13 2011 - 13:10

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As far as I can remember right... When you move slider back and forth you simply adjusting amount of ammunition in your tank. If you have enough in store than shells come from your "warehouse". If not - they are bought. After you move slider back... You just simply move them to storage.

Lert #3 Posted May 13 2011 - 13:38


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After you move the sliders you still need to hit 'purchase' to make the sliders ' stick'. If you hit cancel instead and have automatic resupply on, you're still going to get charged.

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