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Guide to using the Official Wrapper on other servers.

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dstud208 #1 Posted Aug 03 2014 - 14:22


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I've probably posted this guide 15 times in various conversations, so I am making this guide in a new thread so I can bookmark it and link it next time. Just making things easier for later.


Note: I tried this and succeeded with the test server, which is a clone of the Russian server, so it ~should~ work just fine for any other server, you just need to get the right setup executable


Step 1: Download the setup executable from the server you wish to play on

Setup Executables


Step 2: Download PaulTheTalls Wrapper (PTT's)

Side note about PTT's Wrapper


Step 3: Run PTT's wrapper, click "Install Software", click "Choose Setup Executable", find the setup executable you just downloaded


Step 4: Click through the setup wizard, once your done the WoT launcher will appear and do a small update. After the small update it will start a BIG one (approximately 7800MB)


Step 5: At any point of the big update (preferably at the very start OR after its completely finished) close PTT's wrapper. If you've already got a working copy of the NA server on your computer, its probably best to let PTT's to finish first so you can confirm it worked without breaking your working copy.


Step 6: If you don't already have the NA version installed (if you do, skip this step), run the official wrapper, it will also do a small launcher update and then begin a large one. Close this wrapper once the large one starts. This step is important because it also sets up background files necessary to run the game.


Step 7: Locate PTT's wrapper, right click it, select Show Package Contents, drive_c, games. There you will see a folder called World_of_Tanks


Step 8: Holding the Command or Option button, drag the folder World_of_Tanks you just found out of there, and into your documents folder. You will get a prompt about what to do with duplicates, check the "Apply to All" box, and select "Replace All" (you might not get the box, in that case just click "Replace")


Step 9: Launch the game using the official wrapper, if you didn't let PTT's wrapper finish updating in Step 5 then it will finish the update now.


Step 10: Play on your server


Final Notes:

I am about 90% confident that once this process is complete, you will never have to do it again. When the next major patch comes out it should update and run without any more problems than the normal NA client would have. I haven't been able to test this outside of the test server though, but it should be the same for any server.


I tried to modify the NA client once to just change it over to an EU one but it didn't work, once I messed with the files it wanted to download the entire client again. To my knowledge in order to switch servers, you need to download the game for that server entirely. Unfortunate for everyone who accidentally installed the NA client (the one the wrapper automatically uses) because that means you will download it twice. If someone figures out how to convert a client to a different server without re-downloading the entire thing, please let me know.


I wasn't the first one to discover this, I learned of this solution from Vogon.

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