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Tier 6 Tank Selection Guide For Stronghold Battles [Updated For 9.10]

Guide Stronghold Beginners

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Dragnix #101 Posted Feb 28 2016 - 15:59


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Since in version 9.13, I saw O-I, AMX 12t, and Skoda T25 are using a lot in Tier 6 stronghold.


sneakytails #102 Posted Feb 28 2016 - 18:16

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What composition would you recommend for a new clan, we have tried a balanced mix of tanks, and all fast bois.


It just seems like when we go balanced we get fast boy'd, and if we go all fast then we constantly run up against heavy teams who turtle the whole match, it really makes it difficult to dig them out when you are so squishy.





Dragnix #103 Posted Feb 29 2016 - 03:52


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View Postsneakytails, on Feb 28 2016 - 12:16, said:

What composition would you recommend for a new clan, we have tried a balanced mix of tanks, and all fast bois.


It just seems like when we go balanced we get fast boy'd, and if we go all fast then we constantly run up against heavy teams who turtle the whole match, it really makes it difficult to dig them out when you are so squishy.


I don't know about your clan; but my clan play with 2 HTs, 2 or 3 MTs, and 2 or 3 LTs. Sometime we play 3 HTs, 1 MT (support), and 3 LTs

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simmomedic #104 Posted Mar 31 2016 - 06:03


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any updates for this list? 

Grasschopper #105 Posted Mar 31 2016 - 14:10


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View Postsimmomedic, on Mar 31 2016 - 00:03, said:

any updates for this list? 


The only real additions to the original list would be the O-I and Skoda T-25 for sure as they had not been released when the post was made.  The omission of the AMX 12T is interesting as it is viable.  Also added since the original post are the Cromwell B and Rudy but they are just premium versions of the Cromwell and T-34-85.


Our clan basically plays fast boys and vision.  Tier 6 strongs for us are mostly T37s, Cromwells(and B) and a mix of other LTs.  I'll play the MT-25 at times, you'll see A-43s just because people are working on crews or getting their daily 2x or whatever.

ShadowDancer27 #106 Posted Mar 31 2016 - 18:08


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It is really a game of paper-rock-scissors and how well the caller aligns your strategy to map and tank mix.


My clan will vary from mobile to heavy biased but it is usually:


3 HT / 3 MT /1 LT (me)  sometimes +/- a heavy or mt or another oddball in the mix.  If we are seeing a lot of O-I turtles we have a guy that has a 3 stripe M44 and if they pack into a hole somewhere you can patiently bury them alive in there.  Getting 2500 spotting damage in tier 6 strongholds almost feels like cheating.


So if the enemy is a bunch of heavies we use the vision and mobility advantage.


Against fast compositions we do a variant of a turtle to negate the speed and vision of the enemy.  Ideally they have to come at you frontally and if they split you shift to jump one side with a 7 on 3 advantage and push through before their allies can engage.


You can sometimes set an ambush where you won't be spotted until the enemy is committed.  This is the key for the scout.  If there is a ridge line or corner you wait until 2-3 tanks are over before you put 7 guns on them  and burn them down before the rest can engage and with enough firepower that they can't retreat.


On some small maps the fast composition just has to have a spot and if you contest it they will wish they didn't commit to it.  For example on Mines - a bunch of fast tanks race to the hill.  If you have your mediums push your heavies you can get there fairly quick.  If they all go up the hill you are facing them all and have more DPM and hitpoints.  If they split your heavies can take on whatever stayed back and you have 4 fast tanks to contest the hill.  We've had teams think they can send 3 around and 4 up and we get all 7 on the hill before the 3 make it around and win those games 7:1 or so.

tank_pilot_81 #107 Posted Sep 01 2016 - 23:31


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View PostZepherex, on Aug 07 2014 - 00:05, said:

Now the concept of the tier 6 or medium level fights are fairly simple you are allowed 7 tanks and they need to be able to work in unison in order to obtain victory; I am going to tell you what and what not to bring for these battles.


The numbers will rank the value of how much you should want that tank.


I also understand some tanks aren’t in the guide, that’s because they really don’t fit into the YOU WANT THIS or the YOU DON’T WANT IT, they are in the middle.



1) M6 

Now that the kv-1s has been burned on a stake the new flex heavy id say is the M6. It is fairly fast with good gun depression and ok armor. The tank has alright dpm and good soft stats on the gun. 


2) KV-85 

The new sort of kv-1s in a way. It has lost the good mobility the broken gun depression and any real incentive to run the 122mm gun. The 100mm is alright but with only 250 alpha Id rather be in an M6. KV-85 is still a good pusher and is a good meat sheild if you want it to be.


3) T-150

This tank is more of a replacement for the old kv-1s, it trades alpha (300 vs 390) and speed for armor and some dpm, this tank is more usefull for brawling situations than an m6.


4) KV-2

It's a good tank finisher, this tank is slow and inaccurate, the derp can be unreliable but useful in some instances, the tank also suffers from poor all around armor.



1) Cromwell

An excellent tank, very flexible, good speed, and a fast firing accurate gun. This tank is an excellent support/ flanker tank which can adapt to many different maps


2) M4A3E8

The Easy 8 can be useful with its semi decent gun and mobility, it does have a good turret and gun depression however you should prefer using cromwells to this, due to it’s better ability to do multi-role play.


3) A43

Fast tank with ok armor, basically a lighter armed but more mobile T-34-85. It can very easily get around and it out dpms cromwells.


4) Type 58

It's a T-34-85 with a worse turret armor profile, and less gun depression. However it does have a little more hp and much better dpm which makes it a more preferable tank.


5) T-34/85

A good all rounder, decent gun and turret, but suffers from poorish gun depression and lacks the speed that a cromwell can do.


Light tanks

There are 2 tanks in #1

1) Type 64 (Premium Tank)

An excellent LT featuring good mobility and a beafed up M1A2 AT gun. This tank has been one of the more reliable tanks in our fleet, it has very decent gun depression and can use that to its advantage when it gets into odd places.


1) T37

This tank is incredible in most areas it has most of the same benefits that the Type 64 has. It is like a slightly buffed version of the old chaffee, in staight line speed and hp; however it isba little worse at circiling, but regardless it is a good tank.


2) VK 28.01

The one real deawback to this tank is its size, however it still can get around.  It also uses the 10.5cm derp gun which will full he pen hellcats for 410 damage. Its a fun random tank, but at times very inconsistent.


4) T21

Only really should be used if you are short pressed for scouts, it can do most of what the T37 and Type 64 can do, but it is a bit bigger and clumsier.


Tank Destroyers

1) M18 Hellcat

This is a very flexible TD, it has excellent speed and a mean 90mm gun, it can easily relocate to help where it is needed. Even after the nerf this tank is alright it can still race to forward positions, just be more passive in them and they should be fine.


2) SU-100Y (Premium Tank)

This tank is a huge box with HP, it is mobile and packs a nasty 130mm gun which when loader with gold deals a whopping 510dmg. It can be a useful assault gun however it is not very flexible in rolls.


3) M36 Jackson

Really only should be used as a filler for the hellcat, it has most of the same features its just a lot slower


4) SU-100 (W/ 122mm gun)

Can be useful as a filler for an SU-100Y, it has nasty alpha (390) still but a much better rate of fire, and is a smaller target.


Sky Cancer

1) FV304

The king of sky cancer at tier 6, the decent accuracy and rate of fire ensure constant support, it also has decent mobility when it needs to get out.


Heavies you don’t want

1) TOG II*(Premium Tank)

It’s big, it’s slow, it’s ugly, it cant go anywhere and is thus useless dead weight


2) Churchill VII

Too slow, not a very threatening gun, armor is only ok


3) VK 36.01(H)

No armor, not the best gun choices, is outclassed by the M6


Mediums you don’t want

1) M4A3E2

This thing is not very fast because of it’s armor which is useless anyways against fleets of real heavy tanks


2) Any German medium, they are big and not that fast with not any real superb guns besides the L/70, but the fact still remains; Cromwell Master Race


Light Tanks You Don’t Want

1) 59-16

Just an all rounder bad tank, out classed by everything else


2) MT-25

A big fat ugly crappier version of the T-50-2, not useful


Tank Destroyers You Don’t Want

1) ARL V39

Its bad don’t bother, no armor, not fast, ugly.


2) AT8

It’s got easy to hit weakspots, it’s slow, and it’s gun isn’t that good


3) Churchill GC

Big, slow, ugly, very weak, not a good TD for these fast paced games.


4) Jagdpanzer IV

If you want a high ROF 135 alpha gun on a tank, look no further than the Cromwell.


Sky Cancer Is Not Wanted In The First Place

Seriously your giving up a tank so that you can hit someone for 200-350 dmg across the map and then going to reload for 30 seconds while your team gets chewed up. Only exception the FV 304.


In case it needs to be made clear, this isn't for clans that already know what they are doing; it is to help people who may want to run these but want some basic idea of what tanks to take.


​If you disagree with something just post it and I will edit the OP tomorrow 


dat remind me of blitz boi 

Zepherex #108 Posted Sep 02 2016 - 16:31


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