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Vanishing tanks

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Daps #1 Posted May 16 2011 - 21:24


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Has anybody seen a tank firing next to you and never appear on your mini map or on screen? I have also seen an emeny move across the screen vanish then fire and still be invisible. I was told this is due to skill of the crew but I disagree my son had this happen to him and he had just started the game.

Lert #2 Posted May 16 2011 - 21:26


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Seven seconds with Search

123zorn #3 Posted May 16 2011 - 21:47

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I have reported this as well on the stickyed video errors thread.  This is not a cammo issue, it is not a spotting issue, it it not related to crews.  It is true invisible tanks.  Unfortunatley there is no response from any devs on any video related issues.  Support appears to be non-existant...

1N54N3 #4 Posted May 16 2011 - 21:57


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This is being fixed in tomorrows patch. You can read Overlords blog, the main page news, or the forums.

Thornir #5 Posted May 16 2011 - 21:58


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Saw this yesterday on camp...entire opposing team was invisible, even firing at close range. Saw it again today on El Haluf. I had heard people mention this before, but had not seen it for myself - thought they were just whining about TD's and their cammo values. Nope. I believe it now. I got shot by an IS-3 50 meters away in the clear, didn't see him until some seconds AFTER the round hit.  :blink:

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