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Status of Rare and Unreleased Premium Tanks in the Gift Shop

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_LastChance_ #221 Posted Sep 16 2017 - 15:01


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View PostTevix, on Aug 29 2017 - 22:33, said:

My favorite so far is when they announced that they were going to go back on their word and sell the "Mutant" they said that they were going to give all the original owners something special in return for being loyal.  So I waited 3 months and then put a ticket in asking what and when they were going to give me for being a loyal customer.  Their response was "We haven't decided what to give yet".  wthis that all about.  You make a statement that you are going to give something to players for being loyal long term customers and they you come off with "we haven't decided yet".  Don't you think that you should have "decided" before you made the statement?  It's no wonder that people don't trust you anymore.


The folks at WG remind me of my kids.  

"I promise I'll wash my hands."

"I promise I'll brush my teeth."

"I promise I'll do my homework."


I'd hate to think of what it must be like to work at WG.  I'd be amazed if they even remember to flush the toilets after they take a dump.


That said, I don't own any premium or gift tanks that can be considered "rare", because every tank I thought was going to be rare when I was conned into buying it during it's "limited availability" ended up on sale again at some point.

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