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Status of Rare and Unreleased Premium Tanks in the Gift Shop

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Kronaan #41 Posted Nov 19 2014 - 09:51

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View Postaxeljulin, on Nov 04 2014 - 06:27, said:

Bring back the type 59


Honestly, they can keep the type 59, just put a new decent tier 8 premium medium at 7200g in the shop. I'm still crying after the money that I paid on that overpriced pos of T-34-3. At that money that supposedly medium tank should rock the type 59 but its just a horrible overpriced Chinese tank.

Baron_Von_Krieg #42 Posted Nov 20 2014 - 07:13

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I think the SU76i was on sale for less than 24 hours .


Armored_Cav #43 Posted Nov 25 2014 - 22:06


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I was told at a player gathering this summer by a member of WG (Ch!e#t@I&) that the Type 59 would be making an appearance in the gift shop very soon. Thanksgiving??? Christmas???? New Years???? still waiting......

The_Wehraboo #44 Posted Nov 29 2014 - 05:19


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View PostArmored_Cav, on Nov 25 2014 - 13:06, said:

I was told at a player gathering this summer by a member of WG (Ch!e#t@I&) that the Type 59 would be making an appearance in the gift shop very soon. Thanksgiving??? Christmas???? New Years???? still waiting......


Must have been joking.


The return of the Type 59 would mean an end to diverse Tier 8 battles.


Doesn't take a Ph.D to calculate which side lost horribly.

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rossmtbiker__O_OII #45 Posted Nov 30 2014 - 12:56


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View PostArmored_Cav, on Nov 25 2014 - 22:06, said:

I was told at a player gathering this summer by a member of WG (Ch!e#t@I&) that the Type 59 would be making an appearance in the gift shop very soon. Thanksgiving??? Christmas???? New Years???? still waiting......


i think you mis-heard. at the Cdn War Museum the Chieftan said: "the Type 59 will never return to the gift shop" and gave some reasons. He might have added "... maybe not 'never', but highly unlikely".

KingEdwardo #46 Posted Dec 01 2014 - 02:30


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This lists needs to be updated as the SU-85I is available for purchase now for everyone.

tiger61378 #47 Posted Dec 01 2014 - 12:28


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BT-SV is being offered for sale in the EU gift shop now...for around $100EU (because of course they must bundle it with masses of gold and prem time).

Herr_Klug #48 Posted Dec 01 2014 - 12:53


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So much for being a gift set exclusive .... I can see a few people being peeved.

Fenstec #49 Posted Dec 01 2014 - 19:54


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View Postpizzastorm, on Aug 14 2014 - 16:46, said:

Hey Tankers!

Just re-posting this since it disappeared a while ago. Some of it may be a bit out of date and of course it is subject to change. 

Avaliable on other servers
Was on sale, not anymore
Gift tank

I know there have been quite a number of questions surrounding various tanks that are not currently available on the NA/EU/SEA Server. Below, you’ll find an update of their status, along with a quick note of my own personal opinion on whether or not you should expect them to become available.

The following tanks are Alpha and Beta gift tanks; they were given to players that met particular criteria during the Alpha and Beta test phase. There are no plans to put these tanks in the Gift Shop.

  • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Alpha German Tier VI Medium Tank
  • M4A2E4 Sherman Tier V Medium Tank

The next group of tanks are the pre-order vehicles. There was an understanding with those who pre-purchased the physical game bundles that these tanks would never be released on the NA or EU servers. We’re upholding that agreement so don’t expect to see them back on the market.
  • M6A2E1 Tier 8 US Heavy Tank
  • Pz.Kpfw. V/IV Tier VI German Medium Tank
  • A-32 Tier IV Soviet Medium Tank

The group of tanks appearing below have been set aside as gift tanks. These may occasionally show up as a bonus in a Gift Shop package, or be handed out during the holidays or other special events, but these tanks will not be sold on their own.

  • T1E6 US Tier II Light Tank
  • Tetrarch Soviet Tier II Light Tank
  • Te-Ke
  • LTP
  • Light Mk. VIC,  
  • T7 CC

Some tanks have been removed from the in-game Store and Gift Shop due to balance concerns. They aren’t over powered for their tier, but they have not been re calibrated as premium vehicles. Simply put, they don’t earn the proper amount of Credits and there aren't plans to adjust them at this time. Occasionally, you may see these vehicles as rewards for contests or other high-profile events.

  • Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) Tier IV German Heavy Tank
  • 105 leFH18B2 Tier V French SPG
  • KV-5 Soviet Tier VIII Heavy Tank
  • KV-220 Beta-Test Soviet Tier V Heavy Tank

A few vehicles have been removed from the game gift shop and in game purchase simply because, on average, they ‘over perform’ when matched into their own tier, but don’t scale well into higher tier games. It’s unlikely that they will ever return to the Gift Shop.

  • Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) Tier II German Light Tanks
  • Type 59 Tier VIII Medium Tank
  • Type 62 Chinese Tier VII Light Tank

The following tank was initially a reward for completing the in-game training tutorial and may make a return as a similar reward in the future.

  • M3 Light Tier III Soviet Light Tank

The tank below has been removed from the Gift Shop and in-game Store for balance issues. This was a tank that was under powered for its tier, due to mechanics changes. Back on sale now (8.8)

  • T26E4 Super Pershing Tier VIII Medium Tank - back on sale

The following tanks are only available in retail packages currently on the RU website. We don’t any official plans to make them available on the NA/EU server at this time.

  • Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J Tier III German Light Tank
  • MTLS-1G14 Tier III US Light Tank
  • SU-85I Tier V Soviet Tank Destroyer
  • BT-SV Tier III Soviet Light Tank

Some tanks have not been released even though they have been present on previous versions of the Super Test or Common Test Servers. At this time, we don’t have any sort of timeline as to when/if you can expect to see them again.

  • WZ-111 Tier VIII Chinese Heavy Tank
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV Hydraulic Tier V German Medium Tank

The following tanks was removed from the game in patch 0.6.5 and replaced by the now tier 8 M26 Pershing. If this tank is returned to game we will make a future announcement.

  • T23 Tier VIII Medium US Tank

The following tank was only released on the Chinese server, due to its double income and experience earning there are no plans to introduce it on the NA/EU Server.

  • Type 59 G Tier VIII Chinese Medium

I wish I had more detailed news I could share with you about each tank, but I hope this clears up some of the confusion about the status of the tanks above. There is a lot of game production on everybody’s plates, but as we increase our bandwidth and complete other tasks, we’ll hopefully be able to turn our attention to the vehicle you've got your eye on.

Dear Wargaming

              I've been playing for about a year and a half now and it has always my dream to have a type 59 as a tank, I'm sure a lot of others do too. Even if you take away some of the armor away I would still love to have it. One day can you please release it again to the premuim shop.

                                                                      Sincerely, Fenstec

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DuroDeDomar #50 Posted Dec 02 2014 - 17:50


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I want the Type 59 too.

A_Shiny_Pidgey #51 Posted Dec 02 2014 - 18:13

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I've seen 1 Mutant 6 in the last 1000+ battles, it's time to let people buy these tanks already 

HellsBells_ #52 Posted Dec 05 2014 - 00:23

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the type59 isnt as great as everyone makes it out to be, i have one and there are better mediums in the game more fun than the 59.

Zarkus #53 Posted Dec 06 2014 - 19:20

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Are my eyes deceiving me? You can buy the T95E2 and the M60 for gold? It's not in the premium shop.




It says it's a reward, but then has a gold value listed.


dhread #54 Posted Dec 07 2014 - 03:48


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TY for the post Pizzastorm (in August...just saw this thread for some reason).




1. WG must know that offering the Type 59 in the gift shop will get money from a lot of players. (following that, there will be almost as much griping about the way it plays due to lack of depression and almost every pen or HE round causing module and/or crew damage, much as they do the T-34-3).


2. Are there any plans to introduce a premium/crew trainer for US arty and French arty and lights? These trees have no premium tanks of any tier available in those vehicle classifications.


3. I really appreciate the mods made to the crew xp earned in various premium tanks. It is fun to pop my crew into a tier 3 or 4 premi and know that they will receive good XP for the fight. I believe this also encourages players to go back and help newer players learn the game.


4. It would be nice if the frontal armor of the T26e4 had fewer weak spots. It is slow enough that almost anyone else can get alongside or behind it and do it in.


5. The SU-122-44 is not OP. It just has mobility and a good gun on a premium tank. Arty and HE rounds will kill the tank very quickly. Please don't listen to the whiners.


6. It would be nice if the T-34-3 had EITHER a faster aim time or better accuracy. The depression is a pita, but it gives the tank flavor and is totally in line with the other Chinese tanks.



Blackhorse_Six_ #55 Posted Dec 07 2014 - 04:11


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View PostIhitu, on Sep 22 2014 - 18:35, said:

lmbo.. SuperPershing was taken off the shelf because it was NERFed so hard it ruined the tank and WG "gave" players gold for it.  Now it's back on "sale".  I bought one because I like to be challenged... which is a kindly way to put that I made a very bad choice.


Yep ... (+1)


View Postaxeljulin, on Nov 04 2014 - 00:27, said:

Bring back the type 59


and Yep ... (+1)

xabka #56 Posted Dec 07 2014 - 21:31


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there's got to be some way to earn a M6A2E1 - it doesn't have to be through the shop, maybe a tournament or contest or something


back in the day i paid for TF2 with the understanding that everyone else had to buy it too.. it's been a free game for like two years now : ^ )

PlasmaDogPlasma #57 Posted Dec 08 2014 - 03:01

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View PostZarkus, on Dec 06 2014 - 19:20, said:

Are my eyes deceiving me? You can buy the T95E2 and the M60 for gold? It's not in the premium shop.




It says it's a reward, but then has a gold value listed.



I think they always have a gold value assigned

cozmic_brownie #58 Posted Dec 08 2014 - 03:27

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i just want my SP to have its armor back or the pen and alpha buffed

LookOut48469 #59 Posted Dec 10 2014 - 20:54


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I would like to mention ; To me it seems like the cyber Monday special kv-220 has changed recently maybe 3-4 days ago. At first it seemed unstoppable but now it seems the engine and tracks are damaged every hit, but then again it could just be that now everyone is seeing  new tank and looking up where the weaknesses are and i am just running into those people. oh well feel free to comment. Have Fun

gear0620 #60 Posted Dec 14 2014 - 08:27


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I am sorry that I cannot buy type59

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