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3 keys that can make a huge difference

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slikrx #1 Posted May 17 2011 - 18:55


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"R", "F" and [spacebar]

R increases your speed in increments and holds it without touching the keyboard; slow, medium & fast. Fast is the same speed as using the "W" key.
F reduces speed, and will put you into reverse, if pressed while stopped. It also has slow & fast (not sure about medium reverse)

Pressing them twice quickly puts you a full speed (in whichever direction) immediately.

Finger strain aside, being able move slowly will keep you moving, AND will keep your aiming reticle nice & small (but not as small as when stopped). You can move towards that corner and fire immediately and still have a well aimed shot. For me, when crawling through city streets, or coming around a cliff/rock, this has made a big difference.

You can also shoot at medium speed, and your aiming reticle will still be smaller than when moving at full speed. Your aiming reticle will not be as small as when moving slow, or stopped.

Being able to adjust speed is also nice if faster tanks are trying to stay with slower tanks.

The space bar slams on the brakes and stops your tank, waits for you to fire, then immediately accelerates away once you shoot. It's great for those "dancing" fights where you are dodging incoming fire, and as long as you don't stopp TOO long, arty won't be able to draw a bead.

I don't notice many players using the different speeds, so perhaps I'm weird, or maybe they just don't realize the ability is there. :Smile_harp:

Maiyart #2 Posted May 17 2011 - 23:59

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I use the R key all the time. Helps to type messages in the team chat while you're still moving.

konigwolf13 #3 Posted May 18 2011 - 03:13

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View PostMaiyart, on May 17 2011 - 23:59, said:

I use the R key all the time. Helps to type messages in the team chat while you're still moving.


Rgr that one

forgot the space bar trick will have to start using again

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