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Which Tank should I purchase?

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Magusigne #1 Posted May 17 2011 - 23:36


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Debating on adding another slot to my garage.

Thus far I'm doing this

Russian Medium: Currently at T-34
Russian TD: SU-85 and loving my 107mm
German SPG: Grille
USA Heavy: M6 when will it end.

Right now I'm debating on adding either a Russian Heavy or a German heavy to my grind.

Thoughts? I played a German Tiger I in beta and thought it was pretty painful.

Sturmtiger_304 #2 Posted May 17 2011 - 23:42

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If anything, go for the Russian heavy tree & have fun. Nothing is like blowing low tanks up at tier 5.

a1fox3 #3 Posted May 17 2011 - 23:48


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Yes go for the Russian heavy and keep the KV with upgrade turret in your garage and you will get a free tank and a free slot for it.

Also get the KV-3 and keep it in your garage and you will also get a free tank and free slot.

If you think you can get to the Top T10 US heavy then you will also get a free tank and free slot for it to.

Read this for all the free tanks and free slots you can get.


Gaglug #4 Posted May 19 2011 - 19:32


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If you already have Russian mediums and TD, go Russian heavies.  They share some equipment between them and you can train crew across/between them as well.

In beta I played German and Russian heavies up to T8, and now I'm pushing all three heavy lines.   I preferred the Russian heavies then, but I have to say I'm enjoying the German line much more now than I did then.   It all comes down to personal preference and playstyle...if you didn't like playing a Tiger in beta, you won't like it in release either.  :)

andyraptor #5 Posted May 19 2011 - 19:53


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Looking at your present garage I would be asking myself if my play style is "medium type"?

You said you did not enjoy the Tiger in beta so are you a "heavy type" player in reality?

If not .. I would look to developing a German medium line or even the German TD :)


If you check my NA Server profile you'll see that I have played neither of these lines and I'm basing my advice on what I think is your dominant play style :)

DemonicSpoon #6 Posted May 19 2011 - 20:26


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Why did you consider the Tiger painful? If it was all the module damage, that's been fixed.

Anyway, the two heavy tiers have different playstyles. The Russian heavies are more in-your-face with slower-reloading, higher-damage, low-accuracy guns, good speed (starting at the IS; KV and KV-3 are bricks), and good armor. They are very vulnerable to SPGs, however, tanks to fewer hitpoints, less top armor (I suspect), and reliance on slope for protection.

German heavies have smaller, faster-firing guns. The 88mm L/71 on the Tiger does little damage per shot for its tier, but fires quickly and is VERY accurate. In addition, it has the best penetration of any tier 7 heavy (203mm compared to the 175 of the IS equivalent). German heavies tend to sit back and support a bit more.

Klaxius #7 Posted May 19 2011 - 22:24


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All depends on your personal style of play.

Getting up close, personal, and dirty: Russian Heavies
Long range accuracy: German Heavy, Med, or TD
Good firepower + mobility: US Meds
I will beat you to any spot on the map + Imma smack you at point blank range: Russian Med

Krakti #8 Posted May 21 2011 - 19:22


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and if you are used to playing FPS games, just consider this:

US=Assault Rifle

Thats my consensus on the break downs.

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